Saturday, December 30, 2017

London 29.11 - 4.12.17

 Festive feels in Carnaby street.

 Spotted a cutie in Mudchute animal farm.

I really like The Real Greek, this was the second time we ate here and this type of food never disappoints me. Dished from the top: Pitta bread, hummus, spiced chickpeas, white beans in tomato sauce, dolmades & falafel with a read onion & tomato salad. 

 Yorica serves all vegan FroYo and ice cream. I topped mine with cookies, brownie chunks, passionfruit & sprinkles. YUM.

We were meant to go to Winter Wonderland but the lines were INSANE so we skipped it.

 It looked pretty from a far distance too:) 

We had dumplings at Ugly Dumplings which were super good. Go here if in London! They have a vegan platter which I’m now drooling at thinking about.

The vegan brownie in Veggie Pret has caramel inside and is pretty much perfection.  

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

animal therapy

A few pictures from Mudchute Park & Farm in London when I was visiting my bf three weeks ago. 

I felt like I had a pretty deep connection with this precious sheep


Baby♡ Animals are life. 

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Vervet Monkey Foundation - My Experience

I volunteered at the Vervet Monkey Foundation in Tzaneen, South Africa, from the 23rd of October to the 17th of November. I was really nervous to see if the VMF was truly an ethical place so I tried to do as much research as I could beforehand but in the end I just trusted the information that was online. I saw it as a gigantic bonus that the foundation was vegan, ufortunately most of the other animal volunteering places i looked up said that they serve a standard western diet of meat and dairy. This in my opinion is extremely counterproductive, why go out of ones way to help some animals while contributing to slaughter others at the same time? 

The VMF was established in 1993 and is a rehabilitation sanctuary for vervet monkeys. Most of the monkeys there were brought in either injured, orphaned or as ex-pets. It’s a hands-off sanctuary because the monkeys shouldn't be humanized. Animal ethics are of course super tricky but from what I saw, heard and experienced, the volunteers at the VMF truly care about the well-being of these animals. The goal is always to rehabilitate with the intention to set the monkeys free. Unfortunately, a lot of the monkeys cannot be released into the wild because of their pasts.

The workdays looked like this:

07.00-10.00 work
10.00-10.30 break
10.30- 12.00 work
12.00-14.00 lunch break
14.00-17.00 work
17.00- dinner & evening off

The work task varied a lot but it could be for example monitoring some monkeys, taking notes to see that they were eating/drinking, interacting with other monkeys, integration etc. Chopping and preparing fruits and vegetables and distributing it, going around the enclosures and filling water bowls and milks, washing bowls, handing out enrichments and medicin etc. There was also a lot of maintenance work to do all around the foundation, such as painting, de-weeding, cleaning, taking lantana to be burned etc. The work could be quite tough physically, but it was really rewarding. Lunch and dinner was cooked for us (unless we ourselves had the cooking shift) and everything was vegan. We had a meeting every Wednesday to go through the week and get information about possible changes, new monkeys etc. On our days off we could just chill at the foundation or go to the town of Tzaneen, hang out at a fancy hotel near by, or do trips someplace else. I went to Kruger National Park with three other volunteers and Dave’s (the founder) sister for three days. It was an amazing safari experience where we got to see soooo many beautiful animals. On our evenings off at the VMF you can just relax, watch movies, have a drink etc. The people at the VMF were super lovely, we were about 40 people there at the time and it was incredible to be a part of a group that is so passionate in helping others. 

The volunteer village

 The foundation was full of wild vervet monkeys that loved to steal the food, they’re called bandits. 

 Skunky monkey!

They like resting their feet like this on the fence.

My dear little Theo who I got to monitor a lot<3  It was supposed to be getting into rain season when I was there but everything was extremely dry as you can see and there was only a few rain days during my stay. Usually it’s already green and luscious at this time of year. 

I definitely recommend going volunteering to the Vervet Monkey Foundation, I miss it a lot. Especially my little monkey friends<3 

Friday, October 20, 2017


Life update!! I’m going to volunteer with Vervet monkeys for 4 weeks in Tzaneen, SA.
 Stay tuned for an update after the trip!

All animals deserve better 

Thursday, October 19, 2017


Yes, all people get sexually abused and harassed, but don’t try to minimize women’s suffering because “men get sexually assaulted too”. The whole point is to shine light on this problem as a whole, WHAT can we do together to avoid these situations?? People (mostly men, let’s be real here) who don’t know other people’s boundaries, LISTEN to what women are saying in times like these and believe that our feelings are true. And random men on the streets & in bars etc, don’t tell me to smile, make me smile. Old men, stop whistling and looking up and down at my body, I could be your granddaughter. Don’t just randomly grab my butt. STOP when I say stop. Major lack of communication going on in this society.... I’m going to say what you’ve probably heard a million times before. Everyone knows someone who’s been sexually harassed/assulted/raped yet NO ONE seems to know a harasser/assaulter/rapist. Could it be that men have a different view on what is considered a compliment and have a different take on rights? Yes, so let’s talk about it and create boundaries that we’re all comfortable with. Can everyone take responsibility here and just be a respectful person, how hard can it beeeeee.