Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Morning Workout & Fruit Haul

Me and Cat went to the gym this morning and did a shoulder & arm workout. We’ve been working out for like a month now and it feels awesome. I’ve never been into lifting weights and stuff but it’s really starting to grow on me! After our workout we swinged by the market square and bought watermelon & bananas, -two major loves of my life. By the way I just have to mention this quickly; after going vegan, my muscle recovery is so much faster and my body heals itself in no-time! It’s really convenient being able to walk normally and not having to restrict my upcoming workouts because of muscle pains. I am going to do a vegan benefits list one of these days because trust me, there’s A LOT of them, some which may really surprise you. Now I’m going to slaughter this gorgeous thing, have a good day guys!  


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