Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sis. Deli + Café

Today I went for brunch at Sis. Deli + Café at Pursimiehenkatu with my brothers and Vicky. In addition to the buffet you could also get a big specialty coffee & smoothie. Everything was delicious and it was really nice catching up with everyone. 

 There was a lot of different veggie options such as quinoa-salad, hummus & other savoury spreads, different breads, muesli and Alpro’s yoghurt, vegan chocolate spread and different jams, blueberries, juices, coffee, fruits etc and we all left the café happy and content.
...Oh no... do you know what I just realized while writing this post.. I totally forgot about the porridge bar?! I’m a real porridge lover and I’d been looking forward to it SOO much, but apparently I just forgot all about it, I mean, who does that..?? Weeell anyways.. I had a really nice sunday afternoon, and I’ll be back for that porridge for sure! 

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