Sunday, November 29, 2015

Huoratron 29.11

I just got home from Huoratron’s gig. I’ve seen him live once before and that time he played a much longer set, I’d hoped he would’ve played for at least another hour tonight, but other than that, it was top notch! I arrived like 15 minutes before the show started and I still got a spot in the front row which was a pleasant surprise. Other than the fact that he didn’t play my all time fave song $$ Troopers and that I got punched a couple times (as usual),- the gig was a full ten! 

love what he’s always got going on with the hand gestures, plus the light -, & fog show was sooo on point tonight. I love going to these kinds of concerts and just get lost inside the music, dance and let loose, it's almost therapeutic for me.. Tonight totally made my day!

Friday, November 27, 2015


I just started watching season 5 of the American Horror Story: Hotel.
Sweet baby jesus it’s creepy..  


 this note made my heart melt<3 There’s nothing more heartwarming than kids showing their love for animals. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


I can’t stop girl crushing. Miryam Lumpini's definitely one of the baddest and most gorgeous women alive, she's pure perfection if you ask me. Now I’m gonna continue to eat grapes in bed & watch Modern Family until I fall asleep. It’s been a looooong day, nightynight!


I miss summer days like these in Hangö; biking around, playing with Iris, attending yoga classes, barbecuing and taking naps. I just realized I haven’t written that much about what it’s like to be in a long-distance relationship, well.. I can tell you at least for now that it sucks pretty hard sometimes, especially looking back at pictures like these.. Oh well, it’s not too long now until we see each other again (less than 1 month), yay!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

trainy tuesday

Today’s workout with Cat was inspired by our doppelgängers Jon Venus & Vegan Gains (watch their awesome workout video here). These buff and funny guys both have their own YouTube channels, so if you’re interested in workouts and/or a plant-based vegan diet, check them out!! 
Now I’m off to the grocery store to buy some fruit. Nici has a fever and needs to smash in the vitamins and I need some fresh air, win-win.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

I’m sorry.

Yesterday, me and Chobi walked past a christmas market and saw these lambs. We stopped to pet the cuties for a bit, when we noticed something really sick and twisted..

behind the mini “petting zoo”, was a stall which was selling real lamb fur. I couldn’t help but think if the lambs were able to understand what they saw. Some of you are probably thinking I’m being ridiculous, but I honestly find this disgusting. I can’t believe people are still selling/buying real fur/leather, I mean, we don’t live in the Stone Age anymore. There are perfectly fine fake fur/leather products on the market these days, so WHY on earth would you wanna support such a cruel industry?

There was a lot of kids petting the lambs which of course I thought was adorable. Most children feel a special connection to animals; they want to be close to them, and think they’re funny and/or cute. It’s so unfair that most kids will be brought up unknowing of the animal cruelty that they (or rather their parents) are contributing to. Most children don’t want to hurt animals, it’s obvious that there’s a massive disconnect between these furry friends and the lamb people eat/wear.

Luomu/Organic - A word that causes a lot of confusion and is profoundly misunderstood most of the time. People feel better about themselves when buying products labelled as organic. The animal is a someone, not a something, and there’s nothing positive about breeding an animal with the purpose of killing it later on.

I'm sorry that you were born into a world where we humans think we’re superior to you.
I’m sorry that you will get the furs ripped off your backs, and I’m sorry you’ll get slaughtered.
I’ll always speak up for your rights and defend you. 
You don’t have a voice, so people will never stop hearing mine.


I felt a bit sick this morning, so I thought I’d make myself feel better by going to the market and buying some fruit. There was some frost on my bike, but I just thought what the hell a little frost never hurt nobody, well.... the ground was so icy that I flew off my bike in the first curve haha, somehow I managed to land on my both two feet (?) so luckily I didn’t hurt myself. This little backlash reminded me of something that I absolutely love about the winter; people slipping on ice. There is seriously nothing funnier than people (including myself) pulling their best ninja moves to prevent them from falling on their asses. 

Friday, November 20, 2015

Blood Lions

I’ve been under a lot of stress this past week, there's a never-ending pile of school books to read and school assignments to write, which has resulted in me not having time to do anything fun. I was so bummed out for missing the screening of Ian Michler’s movie Blood Lions on Wednesday. Luckily, Cat saw the movie in Helsinki last night so she filled me in on some of the details. I met the filmmaker Ian once at The Book Café here in Turku and he truly has a heart of gold, can’t wait to see the movie!! Watch the trailer here:  

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Lettuce Turnip The Beet

Yesterday I got to visit my mom and dad's new place in Pargas. First we had a delicious dinner, then my mom helped me out with a school thingy and then I had a relaxing sauna session. 
We bought two of these vegan 'kebabs' from Ruohonjuuri. Hot tip for everyone! 

Besides the ‘kebab’, we oven-baked a bunch of veggies; sweet potato, carrot, broccoli, onion, tomatoes, garlic & potatoes. Btw, I tried Panda’s new liquorice with latte,- chocolate,- & vanilla-flavoured filling and they were top notch! LOVING Panda for having so many cruelty-free options!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

sending out love & good intentions

BANANA BREAD (vegan & gluten-free)

Last night Cat and Chobi came over to my place, we got inspired to bake and the result was this bananalicious beauty:

We got inspired from this recipe but altered it quite a lot. Here’s what we worked with:  


5 big ripe bananas
1 cup sugar (we used coconut sugar) 
2 cups gluten-free flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 cup almond-milk
1 teaspoon cinnamon
a few vanilla drops

(Ps. remember that 1 cup = 2,35 dl)

In addition to those ingredients we also had:

5 fresh dates (which we chopped up in small pieces)
A dollop of maple syrup
Clove (=nejlika) 

I would say those are the most important ingredients, but if you like, you can use water or any other plant-based milk instead of almond-milk, vanilla powder instead of vanilla drops and regular flour instead of gluten-free flour.


Preheat oven to 170°C (375°F)

In a large bowl mash the bananas with sugar and vanilla until combined and creamy (we used a fork)
Mix in the almond-milk/water
Add the date-chunks (you could also use nuts, dried fruits, chocolate-chips, blueberry, raspberry..) 

In a smaller bowl, mix the dry ingredients; flour, soda, powder, cinnamon and other desired spices. 

Add the dry to wet and stir until just mixed. You don't want to over mix or the bread will be dry.
Pour batter into baking pan (with parchment paper underneath) and bake in preheated 170°C oven for about 45 minutes (depending on the oven).

 We decorated our bread/cake with a banana- peace sign (before placing it into the oven)

We all honestly thought it was the best banana bread we’d ever had, and trust me, after living in Australia for 7 months I’ve tried many. 

I was actually quite surprised of how incredibly easy it was to make. It only took us around 10 minutes to throw together the batter (including girl-talk and other distractions) and also, it’s pretty much impossible to fail using this recipe, just make sure not to keep it in the oven for too long. If you prefer sticky and gooey banana bread, 45 min oven-time is just perfect!

Like I already mentioned, there are never ending options with baking banana bread/cake and you could add almost anything to the batter, but next time I think we’ll be adding chunks of crunchy peanut butter. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

artsy fartsy

Tonight me, Chobi, Cat & Pinja had a chill therapeutic evening with lots of girltalk while painting. It was really needed!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


A few nights ago, me and Soffe decided to try and have a week where every time we’d feel angry, sad or stressed out, we’d try to see the bigger picture in life and just be positive and happy. 

I always like to think about the fact that we live on a tiny planet in a huge galaxy which is probably just a tiny dot (if even that) in our never-ending universe. Do you guys realise that we have the freedom to create our own lives? Do you understand how frickin’ amazing that is??!
 We don’t have to feel bad about ourselves, be jealous, feel unhappy or unworthy. We also don’t have to listen to others and only do things that everyone else does, just cause it’s “how it works in today’s society”. No, actually the way it works is the way YOU make it work. You create your own life, and you decide if you want to take charge and actually do things that serve you and make you happy (and therefore serve others as well). 

My dreams include volunteering at an elephant shelter in Thailand, going to India to get my yoga teacher's license, opening up or working at an animal shelter, working with children and inspiring others to help end animal suffering. I know that it’s important to live in the now, but it’s tough as hell because I don’t really want to be where I am right now, I don’t feel like studying and there’s so much I’d rather be doing. At the same time I’m aware of the possible importance of having some kind of education so that’s why I’m getting my bachelor’s degree. I don’t even know what I’m rambling on about anymore so I’ll just say one more thing; if you’re taking life too seriously, just remember:

Have a great day everyone<3

Thursday, November 5, 2015


Earlier today I fell asleep while studying sociology (probably wasn't the best idea reading in bed covered in fluffy blankets and pillows..) I've been super duper tired all day so besides doing school stuff I've just been eating lots of food and taking it easy in order to charge up my batteries. The darkness really takes it out of me sometimes.. 

I just threw together this simple yet delish dinner: gluten-free pasta, chanterelles, spinach & lots of different spices, yummie! 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Yesterday we surprised Mats for his birthday. First, the surprise squad took him to get his nipple pierced, meanwhile I was studying for my sociology exam, so I met up with them later on at Aura Biljardi (a local pool pub). After playing pool for a few hours we went to Tintå for some food and drinks.

I only had this dessert because unfortunately the food there is pretty expensive.. It is a vegan pumpkin-date cake with coconut cream (you can’t really see the crust hiding underneath the coconut cream, the whipped cream & pumpkin seeds) but the layers really complemented each other and it was totally worth the 9 euros! LOVED it. Next time I’ll definitely try their caramelised tofu-papaya salad with kale morning glory, cauliflower and almond satay.. Mmh yum!

Monday, November 2, 2015

evening cake delivery

I had just blown out my candles, turned off the lights in my room and gotten comfy in my bed, ready to sleep, when Cat called me; she'd been on a vegan cooking class and she wanted to bring me a few pieces of leftover carrot cake.<3 Not too shabby for a regular boring Monday! 

This carrot cake was seriously one of the best I've ever had. It was so moist and doughy, and it kinda had a hint of gingerbread! Thank you again traktor<3