Sunday, November 29, 2015

Huoratron 29.11

I just got home from Huoratron’s gig. I’ve seen him live once before and that time he played a much longer set, I’d hoped he would’ve played for at least another hour tonight, but other than that, it was top notch! I arrived like 15 minutes before the show started and I still got a spot in the front row which was a pleasant surprise. Other than the fact that he didn’t play my all time fave song $$ Troopers and that I got punched a couple times (as usual),- the gig was a full ten! 

love what he’s always got going on with the hand gestures, plus the light -, & fog show was sooo on point tonight. I love going to these kinds of concerts and just get lost inside the music, dance and let loose, it's almost therapeutic for me.. Tonight totally made my day!

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