Sunday, November 22, 2015

I’m sorry.

Yesterday, me and Chobi walked past a christmas market and saw these lambs. We stopped to pet the cuties for a bit, when we noticed something really sick and twisted..

behind the mini “petting zoo”, was a stall which was selling real lamb fur. I couldn’t help but think if the lambs were able to understand what they saw. Some of you are probably thinking I’m being ridiculous, but I honestly find this disgusting. I can’t believe people are still selling/buying real fur/leather, I mean, we don’t live in the Stone Age anymore. There are perfectly fine fake fur/leather products on the market these days, so WHY on earth would you wanna support such a cruel industry?

There was a lot of kids petting the lambs which of course I thought was adorable. Most children feel a special connection to animals; they want to be close to them, and think they’re funny and/or cute. It’s so unfair that most kids will be brought up unknowing of the animal cruelty that they (or rather their parents) are contributing to. Most children don’t want to hurt animals, it’s obvious that there’s a massive disconnect between these furry friends and the lamb people eat/wear.

Luomu/Organic - A word that causes a lot of confusion and is profoundly misunderstood most of the time. People feel better about themselves when buying products labelled as organic. The animal is a someone, not a something, and there’s nothing positive about breeding an animal with the purpose of killing it later on.

I'm sorry that you were born into a world where we humans think we’re superior to you.
I’m sorry that you will get the furs ripped off your backs, and I’m sorry you’ll get slaughtered.
I’ll always speak up for your rights and defend you. 
You don’t have a voice, so people will never stop hearing mine.

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