Tuesday, November 10, 2015


A few nights ago, me and Soffe decided to try and have a week where every time we’d feel angry, sad or stressed out, we’d try to see the bigger picture in life and just be positive and happy. 

I always like to think about the fact that we live on a tiny planet in a huge galaxy which is probably just a tiny dot (if even that) in our never-ending universe. Do you guys realise that we have the freedom to create our own lives? Do you understand how frickin’ amazing that is??!
 We don’t have to feel bad about ourselves, be jealous, feel unhappy or unworthy. We also don’t have to listen to others and only do things that everyone else does, just cause it’s “how it works in today’s society”. No, actually the way it works is the way YOU make it work. You create your own life, and you decide if you want to take charge and actually do things that serve you and make you happy (and therefore serve others as well). 

My dreams include volunteering at an elephant shelter in Thailand, going to India to get my yoga teacher's license, opening up or working at an animal shelter, working with children and inspiring others to help end animal suffering. I know that it’s important to live in the now, but it’s tough as hell because I don’t really want to be where I am right now, I don’t feel like studying and there’s so much I’d rather be doing. At the same time I’m aware of the possible importance of having some kind of education so that’s why I’m getting my bachelor’s degree. I don’t even know what I’m rambling on about anymore so I’ll just say one more thing; if you’re taking life too seriously, just remember:

Have a great day everyone<3

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