Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Yesterday we surprised Mats for his birthday. First, the surprise squad took him to get his nipple pierced, meanwhile I was studying for my sociology exam, so I met up with them later on at Aura Biljardi (a local pool pub). After playing pool for a few hours we went to Tintå for some food and drinks.

I only had this dessert because unfortunately the food there is pretty expensive.. It is a vegan pumpkin-date cake with coconut cream (you can’t really see the crust hiding underneath the coconut cream, the whipped cream & pumpkin seeds) but the layers really complemented each other and it was totally worth the 9 euros! LOVED it. Next time I’ll definitely try their caramelised tofu-papaya salad with kale morning glory, cauliflower and almond satay.. Mmh yum!

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