Wednesday, December 30, 2015


For those of you who didn’t know; KIPPO in Forum, Helsinki has gone 100% vegan. They have amazing sandwiches, juices, smoothies and smoothie bowls amongst other things. We went there for lunch the other day, I had the Johnny Cashew sandwich with cashew cheese, cashew cheese sauce & extra chilli, my boyfriend had the Chili The Kid sandwich with mozzarella and they were both top notch. Mine was a teeny bit better though, I seriously recommend trying the cashew sauce & cashew cheese, those two oh my. I seriously haven’t stopped thinking about it ever since...... best sandwich EVER.


 We had our cousins and other relatives over on the 26th, me and my brother had made a gingerbread cheesecake, Vicky’s mom had made homemade snickers and then we had all kinds of cookies and other baked goods. Who says you can’t eat anything good as a vegan?

I’ve been staying at my boyfriend’s place again after I came back from my parent’s house. 
On Sunday we had a date night and went out to eat at Mt Everest (looove Nepalese fooooood) I had chunky veggie balls in a coconut cream curry sauce, rice, salad and we both had naan x2. Afterwords we saw the movie Krampus which was a pretty good ending to all the Christmas hysteria.

On Monday we went shopping and in the evening we had girls night at Emmy’s place. It was so good to see everyone again<3 Yesterday Lotta held a private yoga session for me, Vicke, Jari, Nina & Niklas, which was so much needed. Later on we had a pasta dinner at home and watched Happy Feet (love that so many children’s movies have hidden messages about animal rights!!)

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Eve

I know that a lot of people are wondering what a vegan can eat on Christmas. First of all it’s not about what i CAN eat, it’s about what i WANT to eat. We haven’t eaten pig for Christmas dinner in our family in maybe 3-4 years? We just talked about it last night and none of us miss it at all which makes me really happy. My mom, dad, brother & grandma ate fish & butter but other than that I think we had an all vegan dinner, yaaaay! Mom had made all of our casseroles with soy cream, and dad made Irish Coffee with whipped oat cream (havregrädde) instead of cow’s milk cream. It’s super easy to veganize different foods, and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on aaaanything:)

 Gingerbread (made from Myllyn Paras gingerbread dough) & raw gingerbread balls 

  mom made our christmas-lunch porridge with Alpro’s soy milk, yummmmmm!

Yesterday was the first time I tried Quorn’s Nuggets, may I just say sweeeet baby jesus.....loved them. 
The yoghurts on the picture are some of my faves, Alpro & Planti are the best. Violife’s tomato & basil cream cheese/creamy butter (?) is delishhhh too!!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

past few days

 We watched the movie Babe (haven’t cried that much in a looooong time..) and made some beautiful gingerbread cookies (my mom thought the one on the picture was supposed to be a dog?? hahaha)

 We also decorated the tree, watched Fight Club with Vicke's family and wrapped up the rest of our presents while listening to Christmas music. 

Iris was Santa’s Little Helper, she’s the best<3 Today I took the bus to Pargas, I’m going to spend Christmas with my family at my mom & dad’s new house. Merry Christmas everyone!!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas lunch

Yesterday my boyfriends grandparents had a christmas lunch. We stayed there the whole day and had a really lovely time, it was soooo great to see everyone<3 
some vegan appetisers:)))

 lunch was top notch, loved the pomegranate-couscous salad

 dessert was this super yummy blueberry- coconut cream raw cake. 

Sunday, December 20, 2015

happy holidays

Yesterday I said byebye to Turku and came back to my old hometown. I finally got to see my boyfriend, his dog & family again. Last time we saw each other was in August, how sick is that haha.. 
We had a chill day with shopping in the city, tacos and a sauna session. Feels good to be back!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Trattoria Romana

Tonight we had a goodbye party for Nici at Restaurant Trattoria Romana. Me, Cat & Fellu shared these two beautiful mouthwatering vegan pizzas<3 I definitely recommend this place if you’re in the mood for real Italian food!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Cooking Class

Today I attended a fun vegan cooking class, we were a happy bunch of 12 people that cooked up a delicious Christmas inspired dinner. Luckily, when it was time to eat, some more people joined the party (there was probably enough food to feed a whole army).

 This Tofutti cream cheese is so good. It’s perfect to use when baking, but it's also good as a bread- spread and in all kinds of savoury foods.

We chopped up dark chocolate. blended it with the cream cheese and used it as a chunky filling in our chocolate sandwich cookies.

 Kati was admiring some of our freshly baked masterpieces

 The cookies turned out A-MAZING. They were also really easy to make. A++

cookies for dayss

perfectly creamy sweet potato mash in the making

Ok I realize this totally looks like giant turd haha but it was actually a REALLY tasty ham made of seitan, served with a brown sauce (you should be proud Kati!) 

 Pomegranate- Violife cheese- walnut salad (Chobi & Ronja you should be proud too, pomegranates can be tricky...)

It was a really great night with lots of food & snacks, lovely people and a cozy atmosphere. I definitely need more evenings like these in my life!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Today I've been at Chobi's trying on some dresses for Christmas, Cat also swinged by with a dress and I appreciate it so much, the last thing I want to do is buy a new one so it was sooo nice of them to help me out, Maria also deserves some credit for lending me her strapless silicone bra, thank you girls<3 After that I went shopping with my mom, we had banana-strawberry-orangejuice smoothies and bought some everyday stuff & gifts, thank you for everything today mommy<3 (ok someones feeling really thankful today haha). Anyway, I just came back from a walk with Cat and now I'm gonna hit the gym!

Monday, December 14, 2015


I just got home from an intervall spinning class. It was an awesome class but I felt really sad at the same time because there was a girl behind me who was clearly sick, she was coughing and breathing so loud it sounded like she was dying or something.. Seriously don’t work out if you’re not feeling well, it’s not a nice thing to do to your body and it’s definitely not healthy, not to mention you risk infecting others at the gym. It’s so important to listen to your own body and its signals, I can’t stress it enough!


Waiting for Miryam Lumpini to come and visit Finland... I’m obsessing over her work (again).

Sunday, December 13, 2015

sunday thoughts

I’m completely obsessed with pineapple at the moment (you’ve probably noticed if you’re following me on snapchat), it doesn’t matter what the cost but I need my daily pineapple dose. 

 Anyways, today I’ve been walking around in the city trying to come up with some gift ideas for Christmas. I really dislike that it has become a holiday that pretty much evolves around consumerism and buying stuff,  just because. Me and my brother were just talking about this a few days ago, what ever happened to just relaxing and spending time with loved ones and having a cozy holiday? And also, what ever happened to celebrating Christmas for its real reasons? aka celebrating the birth of Jesus. Of course if this were the case I wouldn’t celebrate it at all, since I don’t believe in Jesus. Or sure, there might have been a dude named Jesus at some point who did something awesome, but you get my point....... With that being said I still enjoy the christmas feeling, the food and all the extra festivities. I just think it’s pretty interesting that most people don’t believe in the real cause of Christmas, and yet it’s the biggest and most celebrated holiday ever. 

Friday, December 11, 2015

Steve-O, Your A Freakin’ Hero

"I just got sentenced to 30 days in LA County jail, and this is what I have to say about it: "Considering I've become a clean and sober, dog-rescuing vegan, I must say I'm ready to go to jail-- not just because it will bring so much attention to the plight of orcas in captivity, but because it's nice to let people know I haven't lost my edge. What can I say, I'm a jackass. My whole crane-climbing, fireworks debacle really turned out to be pretty meaningful in the end, too. I mean, if your goal is to make a statement about captivity, you may as well get yourself locked up! To help give back to the City of Los Angeles, I launched a campaign today to raise money for at-risk, inner city youth, by raffling off chances to win an all-expenses-paid trip to be my red carpet, VIP guest at the taping of my Showtime comedy special next month, which is called "Steve-O: Guilty As Charged". There is a link to a new crazy stunt video I just made to let people enter to win in my bio. Los Angeles, I love you, thank you for everything!" -Steve-O (cartoon by @mikehillier_design

Thursday, December 10, 2015

brownies & cake

Tonight me, Felicia, Chobi and Nici went to Cat & Pinja’s place to hang out and eat cake.

 Felicia had made these super moist mint-chocolate brownies...

... and she also made this snickers inspired cheesecake with caramel-, & chocolate sauce, peanuts and all kinds of delicious fudgy and crumbly things.

Felicia's been plant based for a few months now and she loves baking, so naturally she’s been trying out all kinds of vegan recipes and may I just say sweet baby jesus. Her cakes are some of the most amazing cakes I've ever had, we’re so lucky to have her as a friend haha.. no but seriously, love you guys<3

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


I feel like superwoman today. First, I studied for my Spanish exam and then spent almost three hours completing it, then I went on a 30 min spinning-class followed by a power body-pump class. I’ve just finished eating dinner, which was spinach, cherry tomatoes, chickpeas, kidney beans, celery and a whole lotta spices. I still have some schoolwork left and other stuff on my to-do list so catch you later!

Monday, December 7, 2015


 I’m daydreaming of long white beaches, salty oceans, tropical weather, sunsets & surfing. I should focus on my studies but it’s such a struggle when the world is waiting for me out there.. damn you wanderlust!!  

Note to self: (try harder to) live in the now.

Sunday, December 6, 2015


Right now me and Cat are driving back home from having spent two days in Tampere. We've been on an animal rights conference type of thing where we got to listen to different speeches and presentations concerning morality, human behaviouralism and effective communication. Useful stuff! Last night they served us a gooey & chunky chocolate-caramel-snickers cake which was amaaaazing! 

Thursday, December 3, 2015

fruity business

I hit the jackpot at the fruit market this morning and bought some watermelon, mangoes, satsumas, bananas and prunes. Happiness overload.. 

 Btw I can’t believe some people still avoid eating fruit because of the age-old myths “fruit makes you fat” and “fruit has way too much sugar".......zZZzz.. sorry but those kinds of comments honestly make me wanna put my head through a wall. We need to get with the programme already and quit calorie restricting and quit blaming carbs for weight gain (when in fact most people’s health issues  come from consuming animal products). 

Here are a few of my keys to a happier life; carb up- feel energized & vibrant, move your body and eat in abundance of fresh, nourishing foods (don’t forget your greens!) and most importantly- leave the animals alone. 

To sum up; eat at as much fruit and carbs as you feel like and as much as your body needs. People need to start listening to their bodies more! "Whatever you choose to eat is a direct reflection of the quality of self-love and awareness you’ve cultivated." 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Right now I’m munching on this pineapple. Speaking of pineapples, did you know that... 

  1.  Pineapples take approximately 3 years to ripen
  2.  Once harvested, they don’t continue to ripen
  3.  They are rich in vitamin C, manganese, copper and folate. 
  4.  Some health benefits of eating pineapples include enhanced immune function, cancer prevention, improved wound healing and better gut health.

My mom’s in town so we’re gonna meet up soon, but before that, I need to do some studying.. 
Happy Tuesday peeps!