Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Eve

I know that a lot of people are wondering what a vegan can eat on Christmas. First of all it’s not about what i CAN eat, it’s about what i WANT to eat. We haven’t eaten pig for Christmas dinner in our family in maybe 3-4 years? We just talked about it last night and none of us miss it at all which makes me really happy. My mom, dad, brother & grandma ate fish & butter but other than that I think we had an all vegan dinner, yaaaay! Mom had made all of our casseroles with soy cream, and dad made Irish Coffee with whipped oat cream (havregrädde) instead of cow’s milk cream. It’s super easy to veganize different foods, and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on aaaanything:)

 Gingerbread (made from Myllyn Paras gingerbread dough) & raw gingerbread balls 

  mom made our christmas-lunch porridge with Alpro’s soy milk, yummmmmm!

Yesterday was the first time I tried Quorn’s Nuggets, may I just say sweeeet baby jesus.....loved them. 
The yoghurts on the picture are some of my faves, Alpro & Planti are the best. Violife’s tomato & basil cream cheese/creamy butter (?) is delishhhh too!!

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  1. Åååh vad jag önskar att min familj kunde skippa julskinkan, det skulle vara underbart! Vegankramar inför det nya året!