Thursday, December 17, 2015

Cooking Class

Today I attended a fun vegan cooking class, we were a happy bunch of 12 people that cooked up a delicious Christmas inspired dinner. Luckily, when it was time to eat, some more people joined the party (there was probably enough food to feed a whole army).

 This Tofutti cream cheese is so good. It’s perfect to use when baking, but it's also good as a bread- spread and in all kinds of savoury foods.

We chopped up dark chocolate. blended it with the cream cheese and used it as a chunky filling in our chocolate sandwich cookies.

 Kati was admiring some of our freshly baked masterpieces

 The cookies turned out A-MAZING. They were also really easy to make. A++

cookies for dayss

perfectly creamy sweet potato mash in the making

Ok I realize this totally looks like giant turd haha but it was actually a REALLY tasty ham made of seitan, served with a brown sauce (you should be proud Kati!) 

 Pomegranate- Violife cheese- walnut salad (Chobi & Ronja you should be proud too, pomegranates can be tricky...)

It was a really great night with lots of food & snacks, lovely people and a cozy atmosphere. I definitely need more evenings like these in my life!

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