Thursday, December 3, 2015

fruity business

I hit the jackpot at the fruit market this morning and bought some watermelon, mangoes, satsumas, bananas and prunes. Happiness overload.. 

 Btw I can’t believe some people still avoid eating fruit because of the age-old myths “fruit makes you fat” and “fruit has way too much sugar".......zZZzz.. sorry but those kinds of comments honestly make me wanna put my head through a wall. We need to get with the programme already and quit calorie restricting and quit blaming carbs for weight gain (when in fact most people’s health issues  come from consuming animal products). 

Here are a few of my keys to a happier life; carb up- feel energized & vibrant, move your body and eat in abundance of fresh, nourishing foods (don’t forget your greens!) and most importantly- leave the animals alone. 

To sum up; eat at as much fruit and carbs as you feel like and as much as your body needs. People need to start listening to their bodies more! "Whatever you choose to eat is a direct reflection of the quality of self-love and awareness you’ve cultivated." 

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