Sunday, December 13, 2015

sunday thoughts

I’m completely obsessed with pineapple at the moment (you’ve probably noticed if you’re following me on snapchat), it doesn’t matter what the cost but I need my daily pineapple dose. 

 Anyways, today I’ve been walking around in the city trying to come up with some gift ideas for Christmas. I really dislike that it has become a holiday that pretty much evolves around consumerism and buying stuff,  just because. Me and my brother were just talking about this a few days ago, what ever happened to just relaxing and spending time with loved ones and having a cozy holiday? And also, what ever happened to celebrating Christmas for its real reasons? aka celebrating the birth of Jesus. Of course if this were the case I wouldn’t celebrate it at all, since I don’t believe in Jesus. Or sure, there might have been a dude named Jesus at some point who did something awesome, but you get my point....... With that being said I still enjoy the christmas feeling, the food and all the extra festivities. I just think it’s pretty interesting that most people don’t believe in the real cause of Christmas, and yet it’s the biggest and most celebrated holiday ever. 

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