Saturday, December 31, 2016

Hacksaw Ridge

Hey peeps! I've not been prioritizing little bloggy in a few weeks. Vicke's been in Finland and I've been spending time with him, mine and his family. A few days ago we went out for dinner & a movie with V's sissy and her friend. I veganized the nachos supreme at Colorado and they gave me a shitload of guacamole instead of the cheese (winnn) even Vicke said mine was way better so that says a lot:)) Afterwords we saw Hacksaw Ridge, and it's by far one of the best movies I've ever seen, highly recommend YOU go watch it!! We're now in the car with two friends on our way to Turku where we'll be spending new years eve. I wish you all a lovely and safe new years however you decide to spend it. <3

Thursday, December 15, 2016


Hey! Just thought I’d share a quick blog tip with you guys. I’m absolutely in love with Venla Savikuja and her blog. All you Finnish speaking blog readers are probably familiar with her already, but you should definitely check out this blogpost where she shares some thoughts she’s been having lately. She’s always posting really inspiring & positive content, not to mention adorable pics of her dog which is of course a huge plus. She also loves animals and all her vegan cooking looks sooo yummy. Wouldn’t mind having this nachos supreme bowl right now..

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Happy Lucia

I can’t believe its less than two weeks until Christmas!  I’m actually so excited for the holidays this year, usually I think everything's kind of overrated with all the consumerism and stuff, but this year I’m super stoked. I just have to study like crazy this last week before my bf gets back from London and all the celebrations starts. Hope you all had a cozy Saint Lucy’s day (litterally only just learned what Lucia is in English..) 

Sunday, December 11, 2016


Last night me, Cecilia, Bettan, Chobi and Hanna were invited for dinner at Malin’s place. We had such a nice time and the food Malin had prepared for us was ah-mazinggg!  

As a starter, we had pulled Oumph with beans, taco salad & an avocado-cucumber-coriander thingy

The main course was creamy mushroom risotto with grilled bell pepper relish (and a not-pictured creamy green kale stew)

For dessert, we had Tofutti’s vanilla & Pirkka's mango-passionfruit ice cream with berries & creamy chocolate sauce. YUM.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Animal Sanctuary

Yesterday we visited an animal sanctuary called Tuulispää. There were 62 animals who’d been rescued from the meat-, dairy-, egg & fur industries. It was so good to be around these beautiful animals. I just wish all animals would be as happy♥ 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Kuori Food & Wine

On Monday, me, Cat, Cecilia & Marru went to the new vegetarian restaurant in town called Kuori, to have lunch. We all chose to have the “falafel bar” (because hummus), and we thought the concept was top notch. First you choose if you want your falafel’s with pita bread or rice, and when it’s ready they call your name and you head to the falafel bar where you can find tons of different toppings to top your falafels with. 99% of everything was vegan, even their chili-mayo dip! helloo future. Everything was deeelicious and the restaurant is really fresh & cozy. Lunch was 10€ including coffee/tea. Definitely recommend the place.

Saturday, November 26, 2016


Pleaseeeee stop supporting companies that test on animals. My heart is breaking for this beagle and all the other innocent animals being exploited by us humans. We should be ashamed of ourselves :(

Monday, November 21, 2016

Dr. Jean - The Guacamole Song

My weekend has been filled with lots of guacamole and good times. On Friday, I went to my parents’  to celebrate father’s day with beer and tortilla’s, and then we went to see a gig at one of the clubs in the town centre. Saturday was really chill, we went to a Christmas street type of thing, and shopped a bit in a cute second-hand store. When I was back home, I feasted on chocolate-salted caramel ice cream topped with licorice and some pieces of iChoc choko-cookie chocolate. On Sunday (earlier this evening) some friends came over and we had another top notch tortilla dinner with aaaalll the fillings, sauces and toppings. Nightnight

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Monday, November 14, 2016


GUYSSS, the future is here! For those of you who don’t know, Kolmen Kaverin Jäätelö is a super popular Finnish ice cream company so when I heard they planning on making vegan ice cream a few months ago I got sooo happy, and now they’re here!! I got mine from a regular grocery store here in Turku and they’re already spreading like crazy. I haven’t tried mine yet though, I’m still sick so the last thing I feel like eating is cold stuff plus my sense of taste is not on its game so I’ll wait a bit. 
I went for the Chocolate & Nut-caramel sauce with a hint of seasalt, but the rumour has it that the Peppermint Chocolate flavour is also booombb. The cows, the calves and I are so grateful for this ethically made awesomeness.

Sunday, November 13, 2016


damn this was a good hairday........

I basically never take photos of myself anymore, but I couldn’t think of anything better to do while sitting in school 45 min before my classical sociology theory test..... A few days ago, me and Cat were even texting each other about make-up products in order to avoid having to study, that’s when you know the procrastination is real. I have actually caught a pretty bad flu so I haven’t been doing much this weekend, just started writing on my bachelors thesis yesterday and I have to write two more pages today, fun sick day coming up! Hope you all have a less snotty day than me! 

Friday, November 11, 2016


I thought I’d update you guys a bit from mine and my bf’s mini-holiday in Cannes last weekend. We arrived in Nice on Friday night, got picked up and went straight from the airport to have pizza (my aubergine topping was top notch) in a cozy restaurant in Cannes. The following day we went strolling around in the cozy city centre, had lunch in a Seafood place (I had a huge salad, baguette, french fries & wine so I wasn’t complaining). Then we just relaxed inside for the rest of the day, had some wine and homemade minestrone soup for dinner. On Sunday we went to Le Vieux Village in Mougins, picked a pomegrenade from the garden, looked at stuff with a telescope (creeper mode was on) and so on. It was soo nice to get away from the cold and especially school for a few days. Here are some crappy pics I took, enjoy!

The view from the house we stayed at was just wow. 

 .. and so was the morning light

not a bad dinner view I must say..

 Before our flights back home on Monday we had a few hours together in Nice.

 Loved the beach and the smooth stones, luckily I brought some back home with me!

 We saw loads of gelateria’s in the city so we had some before lunch. I got a scoop of mango & rich chocolate sorbet which was sooo good.

We decided to have lunch at a place called The Scotch Tea House (random name I know) but it was a typical French restaurant which I really liked. We were so happy to be able to sit outside in the sun, it wasn’t as warm in Cannes so it was super appreciated. I had...

..a delicious tomato & herb gnocchi. After lunch we hopped on the bus to the airport, V flew back to London and I came back to Turku (I got home at 4am on Mon-Tue night). I wish I could say that it’s good to be back and actually mean it but that’s not the case haha.
Good night peeps!

Friday, November 4, 2016

-> Cannes

I’m currently at the airport waiting to board my plane to Nice via Frankfurt. Me and my bf are gonna spend the weekend in Cannes with his dad & wife and I’ll be back in Finland on Monday night. Litterally CAN’T wait for this mini vacay. Hope you all have a lovely Friday!

Btw I love this Ögon Cacao poster I got shipped from Sweden for my birthday! (I got inspired by Josefin Dahlberg, the interior in her apartment is so adorable) 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy World Vegan Day!

I hope everyone does something good for the world today, big or small- doesn’t matter. I hope that one day every day will be world vegan day, and that animal oppression will stop completely, but for now, let’s all just do SOMETHING for a happier world ♥

Monday, October 31, 2016


"We have become accustomed, through the environmental movement, to think of species extinction as the worst fate that can befall a sentient organism. But the chicken’s doom is not to become extinct.” - John Sanbonmatsu

Sunday, October 30, 2016


💀  💀  💀

Happy Halloween

Last night we had a Halloween dinner party at Cat & Sam’s place. We had all dressed up and I wore my zebra onesie (comfiest outfit ever). I had my very first mimosa (?), we baked a carrot cake with candy skulls on top, ate delicious food and just had a good time. I’m feeling a bit weak today so I’m probably just gonna take it easy and get some school stuff done. I also feel like watching a scary movie so hopefully I can find a good one online, I have a loooong list of must-see movies so I better get on it.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

bahama mama

Yesterday was one of those days where all I wanted was to live alone on a tropical deserted island with nothing to do but to play and snuggle with animals all day long. Today I’m gonna try and appreciate all the little things and just have a good day, doesn’t seem too difficult right..?

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Yesterday me and Cat attended an Ashtanga yoga class at our gym, it felt so good to practise even though I was struggling a bit with a few things, ah I’m super excited to start practising more regularly again. Btw, love the gloomy weather it’s so cozy (to be inside..) Talk to you later  

Sunday, October 23, 2016


These veganized Toast Skagen's that Cecu & Malin whipped up for Friday's dinner were insanely good!! Crazy how you can make anything vegan these days... looove it! Yesterday I (accidentally) attended a jazz dance class which turned out to be a lot of fun, and other than that I haven’t been up to much this weekend except for reading about organizational sociology and eating loads of hummus. Hope all you blog readers have a cozybozy Sunday night!  

Thursday, October 20, 2016

you ate my sandwich

So I haven’t been feeling my best the past few days..  School stress has been getting to me more than ever which is weird because I don’t even have THAT much going on? and I’ve been feeling super unmotivated and bummed out.  The last drop was probably when I accidentally missed a deadline and it felt like my life was a tiny bit ruined for a second, that’s when I first realized I need to take a moment to breath and reboot. You know the feeling when you have too much stuff to do so you end up taking a nap instead? that was me minus the napping.. But after crying to my bf about it on the phone last night I now feel much better. So to sum up: life’s good minus school stuff. 

Mine and Chobi’s joint birthday dinner on Tuesday night was a lot of fun! We went to Delhi Darbar because the food there is always on point (Indian food, need I say more?) It was a super cozy dinner followed by a drink in the pub across the street. I also realized yet again how amazing my friends are and how much I love them. Tomorrow is also gonna be fun because Fellu & Malin are in Turku and we’re gonna wine & dine at Cat & Sam’s place!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Chobster Lobster

Today it’s my roomie’s turn to turn 23! HAPPY BIRTHDAY cute little Chobster ♥ Since our birthdays are so close to each other we’re gonna celebrate the both of us tonight by going out for dinner with a bunch of our friends. 

aaand a little blast from the past from our graduation. Who knew back then that we would both be living in Turku, as roomies....while studying in the same university?? Craycraay!

Monday, October 17, 2016


How could I not have noticed this?? I’m the biggest Friends fan and this is BRAND NEW INFORMATION!! .. okay that was a Friends inside joke. Oh well I know there's at least one other person that thinks this is funny.. Emmy I see you. 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

stop hating, start baking

I got insanely spoiled for my birthday. Some people probably think that you can’t have cakes and cookies and all that stuff as a vegan but let me just tell you what I had... Cat made me a banoffee cake (pictured), mom made me a whipped-cream/yoghurt-quark dessert with berries, and Cecilia made me cinnamon buns. I also bought a baked goods box from the animal-rights organization Oikeutta Eläimille, and they donated all the money to Tuulispää, an animal sanctuary. The box contained a giant peanut butter-chocolate chip cookie, peanut butter bar, and a slice of mint chocolate cake & cheezecake. Needless to say that everything I mentioned in this post tasted absolutely delicious. I’m so glad that animals don’t need to suffer in order for us humans to have a yummy birthday, or any other day for that matter. ♥

Happy Sunday everyone!!

Thursday, October 13, 2016


I'm honestly overwhelmed with gratefulness and bliss. I have the best people in my life and this has been one of the best days in a long time. 


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

23 today!!

It’s my birthday today, yaay!! I’ve already had the best start to the day, last night at midnight I got the cutest happy birthday messages from my besties & my boyfriend, and today I started the day by listening to Josefin & Vanja’s podcast which is always a mood booster. I went to buy coffee and satsumas and just got home, sat down on the floor of my room, lit a chocolate-coffee scented candle,  opened some gifts and I feel so grateful and happy ♥ Now I’m off for a Coreball workout with Cat, have an awesome 12th of October everyone!

The one on the left is me on my birthday party a few years back haha, apparently I was having some issues with sharing my birthday cake or something... 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

What theeeeee

Ok.. I’m extremely frustated right now and I need to share with you what I just saw... So basically I just saw an ad on Youtube where a girl was happily showing her plant-based protein groceries to her friend, and the friend kind of rolls her eyes and starts drinking a smoothie called "Proegg protein-smoothie”.. and all I’m thinking is how low can you go Laitilan Kanatarha? First of all I would like to know how you think when you try to put down plant-based proteins that are 100% the healthiest ones for you, and secondly, whyyyyy do you think that adding hens undfertilized reproductive menstruation cycles to a smoothie is necessary?? I’m so sick of people obsessing about protein (especially animal based proteins), just do your homework, watch Forks Over Knives, read the China Study or something (the information about bad cholesterol, cancer etc. is out there everywhere) and lastly, just take a moment to be non-egoistic and think about the baby male chicks that get ground up in a chipper because of the egg industries. Sorry not sorry about this rant, this was my initial, honest reaction to yet another product on the market that’s is contributing to the slaughter of innocent animals, and it just shows how brainwashed society is with all this protein bullshit. Laitilan Kanatarha this one’s for you 

Monday, October 3, 2016

so fetch

Last night we had dinner at Cat & Sam’s. They had made a yummy nutty-pesto sauce and a black bean dip that we had with pasta and freshly baked bread. Dessert was chai tea, Lovice chocolate-nougat ice cream with chocolate mousse and peanut butter & Ballerina cookies (we’re soo deprived I know..) I’ve just been studying pretty much all day today and tonight’s plans are taking a walk in the park, practise some yoga and watch an episode of Penny Dreadful that my bf sent me last night. 

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Lunch & Movie Date

Yesterday me and my mom went to have lunch at Sushi Panda. Highly recommend their vegan sushi!! The ones pictured had fried sesame tofu, avocado, carrot & basil. After eating, me and mom were talking about how satieted and good we felt, plus she mentioned the lack of guilt not having killed someone, and it’s so true. When you eat plant-based you feel so good on so many different levels, I can't even explain..when you know you know. 

After walking around in some shops, we went to the movies to see Bridget Jones's Baby. We both love the Bridget Jones movies so we were really excited to see this one. I honestly thought it was sooo funny, I laughed so hard tears started pouring down my face a couple of times.. 
After saying bye to mom in the evening, I went to hang out at Cat and Sam’s new place. It’s a two story apartment with a fireplace and stuff.. ah it’s so cozy, and the best part? it’s on the same street that me and Chobi live in, happyhappyyy! 

Friday, September 30, 2016


It’s contrary to feminism to consume milk.

It’s contrary to feminism to ask for equality for one group while oppressing another. 

It’s contrary to feminism to defend one type of female body while using and abusing another. 

It’s contrary to feminism to turn someone into a commodity. 

It’s contrary to feminism. 

Thursday, September 29, 2016


Yesterday I was at home studying when the rain started pouring down and I was looking out the kitchen window thinking 'hooow depressing..' but after a few minutes I realized how cozy it felt and how beautiful it was outside. It made me think about how it’s kind of normalized to think that rain sucks and that Fall is super depressing.. But there’s something about all the different colours on the trees and the fresh crisp air that makes me feel so peaceful and harmonious. I’m probably gonna need to remind myself to enjoy it at times (especially during stormy windy moments) but right now I’m so happy Fall is here.

Saturday, September 24, 2016


This blackcurrant & acai berry tea that I got a few days ago is so good. Clipper is a fairtrade tea company with natural organic teas and I’ve liked every single one I’ve tried so far (and I’m a pretty picky tea drinker) and I just wanted to give you a hot tip for the upcoming cold cozy autumn nights! Hope you’re having a good weekend! 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Cookies & Cinnamon Buns

Like a month ago, me and mom went to my grandma’s place. She’s so unaware and uninterested of what being vegan means and everytime I go there I have to explain to her that I don’t want to eat eggs or drink cows milk. I think I confused her even more last Christmas when I’d made a vegan cheezecake haha wooops.. Anyway my point is that she thinks being vegan is super restrictive because she doesn’t listen to me haha so last time I visited her, I brought some "accidentally vegan" stuff from the store; Findus cinnamon buns (you buy them frozen and just heat them up in the oven for a few minutes), Ballerina cookies & K-menu Chocolate Chip cookies. If you’re interested to see some more accidentally vegan stuff that you can buy in most grocery stores, check out this page!! 

Thursday, September 22, 2016


Anyone other than me and my bf who really wants to get a raccoon? This is Pumpkin, she’s a rescued Bahamian raccoon and her best friends are named Toffee and Oreo. Look at her little fingers and toes<3 Check her out on insta @pumpkintheraccoon if you wanna smile on the daily. Anyway, I’m off for school now, hope you all have a great Thursdayy! 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

oh my

Yesterday I was totally able to relate to Samantha when I found out I actually have a shit ton of courses left when all this time I’d been thinking this last year in school would be a piece of cake for me.. Oh well, there’s nothing else to do but to power through I guess! Plus, I just had two perfect mangoes for breakfast and I'm now enjoying coffee on our sunny balcony while reading about medicalization. Life's pretty damn good to be honest. 

Saturday, September 10, 2016

she’s back

Holy moly!!! I just got surprised by my bestie Cat who’s been abroad for waaaay to long. She and her bf Sam showed up when I was supposed to have coffee with Cecilia this afternoon. The weird thing is I that I had a very strong feeling that it was gonna happen today (I was preeetty damn sure she was gonna surprise me at some point). Ah I’m so happy she’s back! Ps. I wrote that on Tuesday but I couldn’t post it straight away since she was going to surprise some other friends who may or may not read my blog haha.  

I got back from Cat’s summerplace earlier today, we went there to have a cozy Friday night with friends, good food & wine. After dinner we had a sauna session, had some of Emppu's rhubarb crumble dessert and then we laid on the grass and watched the stars. Such a good night!