Sunday, January 31, 2016

Brunchin' at the Book Café

Today’s vegan brunch at the Book Café was amazing as always, they served Indian-type food and the menu looked like this;

Curried chickpea salad
Green salad
Lemon Sauce
Tikka-marinated vegetables
Dal Bukhara ( beluga lentil sauce )
Marinated onions
Mango Chutney
Fresh bread buns
Sweet jalopeno cream cheese
Coconut laddu

If you’re in Turku on a Sunday, eating their brunch is a must, not only is their food always on point, but it’s also always 100% cruelty-free. What more could you ask for??

fierce ostrich

I spent my Saturday evening with some of my most favourite girls, it’s amazing how some people can lift your spirits just by being themselves. <3 I was planning on waking up early tomorrow so I could do some studying before heading off to the Book Café for Sunday brunch, so I better get some sleeeeep>>

Saturday, January 30, 2016


Yesterday I dug out my beloved juicer and made some orange-carrot juice. So frickin’ fresh, looooove freshly squeezed juice, especially orange juice- my all-time favourite drink for sure<3  

Thursday, January 28, 2016


Last night I went to surprise my bf who was staying in Finland for one night. We didn’t have a lot of time together, but we had some of his moms delicious sweet potato-veggie soup topped with truffle oil, seeds & nuts, and a few glasses of red wine. Afterwords we had a late night sauna and cuddled with Iris. I took the bus back to Turku at noon today and he flew back to London around the same time.  

I’ve been feeling a bit down for the past few days and today wasn’t any different.. Luckily I feel way better after having a nice n’ sweaty kettlebell workout at the gym this evening. Anyway, I’m gonna continue my movie night with Eat, Pray, Love. It seems like a good one, plus it can’t really go wrong with Julia Roberts as the leading actor, I’m completely obsessed with her.. such a gorgeous woman! 


Wednesday, January 27, 2016


They were handing out Yosa Sport yoghurts by the market square today, I had just been at the gym when I happened to walk by their van, perfect timing!

Sunday, January 24, 2016


I made lunch for mom and dad today and I wanted to make something that I knew they’d                                  really like and appreciate, so I cooked up some spaghetti with minced meat! 

Okaaaay ha-ha so I’m obviously kidding.... No cows were harmed in the making of this meal :) I used soya mince from Hälsans Kök.

The mince is already tasty as it is, but I felt like something a bit creamier so I added some rice cream as well as fresh basil and some other spices. Yum in our tums.  

Saturday, January 23, 2016

I Am Animal Rescue

Love this hoodie that I got from Cat <3
 I've had a pretty productive day so far, I went on a morning bodypump class, bought lots of fruits at the market, payed some bills etc. Now I'm taking a well deserved break drinking coffee in bed. I'm going to my parent's house this afternoon, they just came back from Cuba and I can't wait to hear all the details from their trip! 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Yesterday me and Cat went to my parents' house for a little getaway. We recorded our first podcast episode, yaay! It’s gonna be pretty personal and controversial, we have a looot of things we want to set straight so it’s gonna be a juicy one, stay tuned!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Vegan Brunch

Yesterday’s brunch at Felicia’s was amazeballs. She’d made chocolate filled pastries, 2x different savoury pies with tofu, kale & sun-dried tomatoes, scones, raw chocolate balls, hummus, overnight oats with soymilk, gojiberries & other superfoods etc. She’d also made her own cheese using cashews, carrots & nutritional yeast, and it came out PERFECT. Other than that there were cookies, chocolate, bread, veggies, jams & peanutbutter. We thought about making this vegan brunch a weekly thing, but this one's going to be hard to top haha. Thank you again Felicia, you’re a vegan masterchef wizard <3 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

compassion over killing

Most people are misinformed about how to live a happy healthy life and what to eat in order to actually nurture the cells in our bodies & minds. Most people still think we need animal based protein to build muscle when in fact even Mr. Universe 2014 himself is vegan. Some people still think you need cows milk in order to retain good bone health, when in fact the biggest nutritional studies show that consuming dairy products often lead to osteoporosis, and meat & dairy consumption is strongly linked to cancer, arthritis etc. People still think that the animals get treated well in the Finnish meat-, dairy and fur farms, even though there’s been countless of leaked videos and stories about how stuff actually goes down, just see for yourself, click here.

I would not be vegan if I didn’t know this stuff. I didn’t become vegan just because it sounded like a fun thing to do- heeeeell no, I think it sounded like the lamest thing ever when I first read about it in high school, and how could I not? The way they portrait veganism in most school books is ridiculous, how could anyone possibly know that being vegan is the single best thing you could do for yourself (&your health), the animals and the whole planet? It’s honestly the best thing that has ever happened to me. I thank my lucky stars everyday that I made the connection and started living according to my true values. 

I would highly recommend that you watch these documentaries 
(they’ll blow your mind & open your eyes) 

1. Earthlings (watch here)

2. Cowspiracy 

3. Forks Over Knives 

4. Blackfish 

(Cowspiracy, Forks Over Knives & Blackfish are all available on Netflix!)

It’s funny cuz it’s true.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

last night

Last night was Richi & Fanny’s going away party. They’re going to South Africa so you can probably guess what kind of a theme the party had.. They had organized everything so well, even the napkins were on point.
banana-crisps<3 I remember eating these in Bali too, sooo good! 

There was a huge buffé of different African foods (all vegan). We were about 50 people and I don’t think anyone noticed the lack of dead animals on their plates, yay!!  I had a really good time and I loved that there was a South African band playing african drums!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Big Major Cay/Pig Beach

I don’t know if you knew this, but there’s an island in the Caribbean called Big Major Cay or Pig Beach, where there’s a huge amount of wild pigs that love to swim, bathe & soak up the sun. 

Just look at how relaxed these cute hairy piggies are!! If only all the pigs could get the same chance to happiness & freedom...

One day I WILL visit this pig paradise, mark my words. Frickin’ LOVE pigs!! pigspigspigssssss

gimme that glucose

Watermelon, peaches, apricots, mangoes & bananas. Ahh heaven on earth! Remember to fruit up people, these babies do you so much good<3

Sunday, January 10, 2016


Why are humans the only animals on this planet drinking milk from other species? 
We are not baby calves and therefore we do NOT need COW’s milk in our diet.
 End. Of. Story.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

I need a bigger fruit bowl

Seriously though.. can it get any better than this? 

I’ve just come home from Pörssi where me and Cat did some studying. Before that I worked out, I went on two classes; 21 minutes & 30 min core. After that I did some cleaning, Ida’s moving in with me tomorrow so I need to clear out some of my stuff haha.. Right now I’m waiting for both my laundry & lentil stew to get ready. Effective day, yay me!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Lentil stew recipe

What you need:

  • Lentils
  • Spinach
  • Carrot
  • Swedish turnip 
  • Leek
  • Parsnip
  • Celery
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower 
  • Cayenne pepper, black pepper & lots of ground cumin
  • Rice


First boil the lentils for a bit, then add all the veggies and spices and cook until hot & ready. I had my stew with a big bowl of Basmati rice & tomato puree. This stew is really simple and quick to make, and it’s also extremely nutritious and delicious. Love plant based fooooooood<3

Thursday, January 7, 2016

burn baby burn

I managed to burn my evening snack (sweet potato) in the oven, so right now my place smells like the inside of a toaster or something. Luckily I had 5 bananas left and Bonne’s premium mango puree (I’m obsessed with mangoes) which I mashed together, so my night was saved! Btw I did my second arm workout for the week (plus zumba) today, and it feels amazeballs to finally be back on track with my workouts! bring on the vegan gainzz

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Today me, Chobi, Ida & Fellu tried out roller derby. It was all completely new to us but it was really interesting learning about the rules, the roller skating part was a lot of fun too (it's a million times harder than it looks!) I've just finished eating a delish standard spicy lentil-veggie stew with rice and now I'm gonna relax in front of some bad reality-tv..

Monday, January 4, 2016

no muss, no fuss

Last night I slept like a princess and I woke up super well-rested. I had a cup of coffee and then I went out for a walk by the water. The sun and the ice-cold winter breeze felt so refreshing! Right now I’m back on the couch, sipping on some more coffee and watching Welcome To Sweden (hooked). This is my last day without any musts, tomorrow I’m going back to my normal life & routines so I’m going to enjoy every second of this day!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sunday chilling

I've been spending my evening at my mom & dads place, lying on the couch eating mom's homemade pizza & crisps, and that's exacly what I'm gonna continue to do for the rest of the night!

P.S. this pizza is based on a secret family recipe that my mom got from my grandma who got it from her mother etc. The sauce and the crust have some secret ingredients and they taste a million times better than any other pizza's I’ve ever had. We made two big pizza pies (both 100% vegan) and they turned out fabulous as always. From my previous experience, the cheese covers up a lot of the taste from the toppings, crust & tomato sauce, so I prefer my pizza’s just like these babies. The tastes from all the other ingredients are emphasised big time which is awesome. You also don’t ever feel like your belly’s gonna burst from being too full, you can eat much more and still feel much lighter, plus it’s easier on the stomach for most people! This time we switched up the toppings a little bit from what we normally use, some toppings that always make the cut is pineapple, mushrooms, asparagus & rocket salad. In addition to those we also used red onion, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, red bell pepper and fresh basil. 

sushi & wine

Last night me and bf went to his dad’s place. for sushi, wine & the hockey game. He’s insanely good at making sushi and he’d used all his best equipment and ingredients to make us some flawless sushi, which you could definitely tell. We had a really good time and it was definitely the best sushi I’ve ever had. This morning wasn’t as much fun when I drove V to the airport.. Right now I’m sitting in Picnic drinking blackcurrant tea waiting for my bus to Turku to depart. I feel sad and empty, it’s the same thing every time he leaves, this time it felt worse and more unfair than usual though, which is weird because hopefully we’ll be able to see each other in a few weeks(!!) It’s just for one evening/night but still, gotta work with what you get right? By the way there’s nothing more heartbreaking seeing V say goodbye to Iris, she can always tell he’s leaving and she gets so sad and grumpy. I’m gonna start crying again so I’ll just stop, time to cheer up anyways, everything will work out, it always does! 

Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 resolutions:

  • Continue to lift weights and get strong(er) 
  • Travel
  • Read more (books & the news)
  • Meditate on a regular basis
  • Keep doing stuff for the animals
  • Be positive & kind to others        


                     Luckily I’m pretty good at keeping my promises so 2016; come at meeeee!

One Year Ago VS Today

 These pictures were taken exactly 1 year ago. Me and my brother had just arrived to our bungalow in Kuta, Bali. It is such a magical island, I couldn’t have started off 2015 in any better way.The bungalows at Ida Hotel were ridiculous, the toilet and shower was outside in our personal little backyard, we only spent 2 nights there but it was such a cool place (and ridiculously cheap!). We spent new years eve in Ubud, and on the 1st of January we went on an mind-blowing bicycle ride through rice fields and small villages with a Swedish family and our adorable tour guide, Made. 

This NY's eve was spent with a bunch of friends at Mixu’s place and later on me and Charlotte went to Nosturi on a Drum n’ Bass type of thingy where we met up with Vicke. Yesterday we woke up late, stayed home and watched Breaking Bad and a movie called 100 åringen som klev ut genom fönstret och försvann, which was really good!