Friday, February 5, 2016

Pig business

Okay, I know I have blog readers who are not into eating a fully plant-based diet, so I would just really like to bring up this particular issue about making the connection to what you’re actually eating and seeing. I think it’s important to ask these kinds of questions so please, dig deep and ask yourself; how do you feel seeing these pictures?


Do you think the pig looks appetizing? do you feel the tiniest bit sorry for the pig? Would you be able to eat it just like that? Now, after looking at the barbequed piggies, how do you feel about this picture? 

“Bacon- the salted strips of a pig’s flesh” - Do you see food, or do you see the belly of a pig, cut and striped down to what we call “bacon"?

What about this one, would you still feel like eating pig if they served it like this?   

If these pictures made you feel sad, angry, disgusted etc. then you should probably know how most pig flesh products end up on the market. If you’ve seen slaughterhouse videos and you’re still convinced that the animal didn’t suffer in the process, or the pigs deserved it or whatever, then go ahead, support the industry, I won’t judge. But if you feel empathy for the pigs in the pictures, then I would encourage you to do some research and find out if the meat & dairy industries really are something you WANT to support with your money. 

 If you think hurting animals is wrong, then don’t hurt them, it really is simple as that. 

Seriously though, who would wanna hurt (=eat) this cutie?? I’m definitely getting a rescue pig after I've settled down somewhere <3

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