Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March 30

Yesterday was a pretty chill day, I ate tons of  freshly baked bread with påMackan on top (Oatly’s delicious creamy bread spread) and veggie puree soup. In the evening I went for a walk with Iris and spoke to Cat who’s currently in Thailand. I also ate this donut from Arnold’s (yes they have a vegan Easter doughnut, and YES it was delicious- tasted just like the old Arnold’s donuts I remember) 

Today me, le boyfriend and Iris had a bit of a sleep-in, and later in the day we went to Sandro in Kallio for lunch with Lotta.

There were sooooo many vegan options and everything was just so frickin’ tasty. I especially liked their lentil soup, hummus, tomato-basil sauce, falafels, olive salad, pastasalad, zuchini & eggplant & potato- veggie medley, beansalad, breads aaaand a lot of other things, I’ll just stop rambling now but my main point is that Sandro is most definitely worth checking out!

Another thing I appreciated was that the staff was extremely sweet, helpful and humble, I felt all warm and fuzzy inside after we'd left the restaurant :))

These cute, colorful & patterned bowls stole my heart!

Monday, March 28, 2016

new podcast episode

Listen to our newest podcast episode about cow’s milk HERE (or on iTunes/the Podcast app)! 

Byebye Ruka

Foggy view from the slopes 

 On Saturday, me and Vicke went for after ski pizza to Pizzeria Ruka and it was one of the top 5 best pizza’s I’ve ever had. My pizza toppings were pineapple, olives, mushroom, basil, capsicum & pickled onion. Later that evening we had Easter dinner together with Vicke’s relatives which was fun! 

Yesterday we met up with some of the Savander’s and drank the famous Ruka drink called Kitkanviisas. After that, we had lunch at Mura Sushi (yum). In the evening, we jumped in the snow after our sauna session, played Scrabble and drank wine. 

We’re now in the car on our way back home. We had a great time in Ruka with lots of skiing, good food and relaxing. I even managed to keep up with my yoga practise thanks to Lotta's Yin yoga class, yay! 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


I've survived our first day at the slopes, hurraaay! Vicke's family has a cabin here and it's so peaceful and cozy, tonight's plan is to play boardgames, drink wine and just chillax.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Goodbye Tree House

Byebye Riga and our lovely Tree House yoga resort. We had an amazing time and enjoyed our stay sooo much! Yesterday after our morning yoga we headed to explore another part of the city. We got a bit lost but it was cool since we didn't mind just wondering around cluelessly. In the afternoon we attended a kirtan (at the same Hare Krishna place where we had lunch on Saturday). After singing and dancing we met up with our yoga teacher and went for a long walk to the Meza Parks. In the evening we had a 2,5h thai-yoga massage workshop, ate sushi and 
watched one of Derren Brown's experiments off a projector. Such a perfect day! Today we had our last yoga & meditation lesson, had breakfast, packed our bags and left for the bus to Tallinn. We're now on the boat on our way home, and tonight I'm finally gonna get to see Vicke, yaay!

Oh btw, tomorrow morning, me and Cat are being interviewed about our Podcast, so turn on Radio Vega at 10am! 

Saturday, March 19, 2016


We've had another awesome day here today, we had morning yoga, ate breakfast and then went exploring the city. We walked by a small market and tried some raw bars and saw a lot of cool small shops and buildings. Now we've just had our evening yoga class, and we've turned all the lights off cuz it's Earth Hour today, yay! 

we stopped and had strawberry tea & peach flavoured shisha at Illuseum, a really cozy medieval-ish café in the hipster area of Riga

lunch at Rama vegetarian restaurant

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Riga City Yoga Retreat

After a 4h bus drive from Tallinn to Riga, we finally made it to our magical yoga resort at the Tree House. Me and Cat already had our first yoga lesson with our amazing teacher Tia, and later on the other girls (Sandra, Janina & Nette) arrived too. Right now we're getting ready for bed, we have an early morning class tomorrow, followed by an awesome vegan breakfast. I love it here <3

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

horror Tuesday

Yesterday was not fun.. I suddenly got a crazy rash (nettle rash?) after eating watermelon. First, my ears and scalp started to itch, then I noticed I had a few mosquito bite-looking spots on my belly and before I knew it, my whole back, ass and and belly was full of them and some were even forming big clusters. Also, my ears, nose and lower lip swelled up and I went into some kind of shock because it itched so much that I didn’t know what to do except call my mom, I couldn't stand, sit or lay on the floor because of the itching, I just kept pounding on the ground and tried to shake my arms and legs to feel something else than the itching. I took a few antihistamines and thankfully, after about 20min they started working and the rash started to calm down. My mom was so sweet and took the bus all the way over here and then we went to the hospital together (I have the best mom <3
The doctors said that it was definitely a nettle rash, and that’s it’s difficult to know where it came from, but it could’ve been the watermelon so they told me to stay away from it for a while. But like they said, nettle rashes can appear out of nowhere and doesn’t necessarily mean I’m allergic to something. I’m just gonna have to do an allergy test at some point and see.. I stayed at the hospital for quite some time (my crying helped speed things along haha) and they gave me some more medicines to prevent the rash from blooming out again. I’m now on a three-day medication and feel fine, but holy moly I don’t wish that upon anyone... I went to bed really early and slept in today so I hope my body’s fully recovered now.

 I’m dog sitting Jana at the moment and later on me and Cat are heading to Espoo, tomorrow we’re off to Riga for a Yoga Retreat weekend thing, haaallelujah!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Vegan Power Podcast Episode 3

Episode nr. 3 of the Vegan Power Podcast is now available on the Podcast app and as usual on Soundcloud. Today we’re talking about our relationships and if and how they’ve changed since we became vegans. We’re talking family, friends and boyfriends/guys! Listen to the episode heeereeeeeee!! (or on your Podcast app). 

Saturday, March 12, 2016


Today I bought a (perfect!!) watermelon for 7,50 euros, because I’m worth it! I just finished vacuuming and right now I’m laying in bed watching En Gång I Phuket on Netflix and eating super yummy mangoes. Such a fabulous Saturday evening..

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Unbeatable combo

Licorice = pure love. Btw, I’d almost forgotten how much I LOVE bodycombat. The class I attended today was so gooood, it’s so therapeutic to do some air boxing and kicking once in a while. Bodycombat = also pure love.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Happy Women’s Day!

In the meat & dairy industries, females are constantly being abused, raped and killed. Dairy cows are impregnated (=raped) in order to start producing milk. When they give birth to their baby calf, the calf is taken away immediately or a few days after birth. This leaves the momma cow heartbroken and destroyed, just like any other mom out there would feel after getting their baby taken away. All she wants is to keep her baby. Instead, this calf will become meat/or suffer the same fate as his/hers mom. Buying milk and dairyproducts directly supports this sad and unfair industry, so I would encourage everyone, especially today, NOT to support the industry that enslaves and exploits other females. Instead, buy soy-, coconut-, almond milk or other dairy-free products. I promise you won’t regret it, plus the cows will love you for it! 

All cows deserve to be loved and keep their babies. Such cuties <3

"It’s contrary to feminism to consume milk.
It’s contrary to feminism to ask for equality for one group while oppressing another. 
It’s contrary to feminism to defend one type of female body while using and abusing another. 
It’s contrary to feminism to turn someone into a commodity. 
It’s contrary to feminism. "

Animals make me feel so happy I want to cry

Monday, March 7, 2016


Today we released episode 2 of the Vegan Power Podcast. We’re answering frequently asked questions such as; where do vegans get their protein? Isn’t it expensive to eat vegan foods? Aren’t humans meant to be eating meat? etc. Click HERE to have a listen! Btw we are also releasing our podcast on iTunes so stay tuned:)

Friday, March 4, 2016


Some of today’s fruit market haul; watermelon, mangoes, nectarines, oranges, bananas, lemon & kale. 


Do I have any nicknames? Jaffi, Jay, Smiin etc.

How can you win my heart? By being an animal lover.

Have I ever gotten my heart broken? No not really.

What's my lucky number? 28

What am I allergic to? Horses. My eyes, nose and throat start to itch like crazy if I’m around them for too long.

Height: Last time I checked; 164cm, but according to lots of people I’ve suddenly grown a bit taller (I’ve always been a late bloomer..) so right now, I’m not so sure!

Cant live without: My smoothie blender!

Ever had a crush on a teacher? Kind of.. but not if you compare it with my friend’s crush to the same teacher haha! hello Emmy :)) 

Opinion on..

Long distance relationships? Having been in a long distance relationship for over 2 years, I can tell you that it’s definitely not easy. At first I thought it felt pretty good to miss each other all the time, after a while you get kind of numb and obviously you get used to being apart so it doesn’t feel so hard. Number one tip for being in a long distance relationship; DON'T talk on the phone when either of you is having bad service on their phone haha, I can’t even tell how many times we started off our chat all happy and lovey-dovey but end up raging and yelling HELLLOOOOOOO!??????!! at each other, hahaha. 

Ghosts? I definitely believe in spirits. Mostly because I know people who are extra sensory and I’ve heard sooooo many stories about it,  I’ve also seen one in Poland in a hotel room! I also believe my guardian angels (both my grandpa’s) are watching over me, don’t know if they would count as ghosts though?

Religion? I think I'm an agnostic. I don’t feel like putting a label on myself because I just don’t care enough to do so. I think that religion is often the reason conflicts exist, so in my opinion the world would be better off without them. I believe in karma and that everything happens for a reason.

Do I ever doubt the existence of others than humans? I’m preeeeetty sure that there are others sharing the universe with us humans. I mean it is ridiculous to deny the possible existens of other random alien inhabitants on all the other endless amount of planets.

Last time I cried? Yesterday when talking to my bf on the phone, we were in the middle of a normal conversation so don’t know why, I’m super emotional for no reason sometimes haha. 

How often do I cry? I easily start crying from feeling stressed and angry or watching cute animal videos on youtube.. but maybe once every week/couple of weeks.

Am I a night owl or morning bird? Lately I’ve definitely been a night owl. 

Where do I want to travel if I could go anywhere and why? Brazil, Barbados, Jamaica, Hawaii, Greece, France, Thailand, Japan and the list goes on forever

Last movie I saw: I went to the movies two days ago to see How To Be Single.

Dream job: Having my own animal sanctuary/save animals/work with animals.

Do I prefer the beach or the mountains? I love hiking and beautiful sceneries so my first reaction  is mountains but I looove chilling by the ocean so I’m gonna gave to say the beach.

Do I have any strange phobias? Yesss, you know when people shower/swim for too long and their fingers and toes become all wrinkly? I totally FREAK OUT when someone tries to grab my hands when both our hands are wrinkly from the water.  The worst thing happened in Cairns when me and Cat attended a swimmingpool aerobics class and we all had to hold hands and dance around and I thought gonna pass out from the feeling of my wrinkly hands rubbing against an old man’s already wrinkly hands (I’m getting chills while writing this). 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

pick a line

"If (under normal circumstances) you wouldn't kill a baby chick, then don't buy eggs. If you wouldn't kill, skin and/or dismember an animal, then don't buy meat. If you wouldn't take a nursing baby away from his mother and kill him, then don't buy dairy. Going vegan means no longer paying other people to do what you yourself already know is wrong.” 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Kado Sushi

Me and mom had lunch at Kado Sushi in the Market Hall yesterday. We both had the veggie sushi platters and it was amaaazeballs. Today, me and Cat have been doing lots of podcast related stuff. First, we had an interview type of thing in Fabbe’s Café (exciting stuff!) After that, we came back to my place,  recorded a new episode & did some editing. I’m so excited about our podcast, it doesn’t even matter that we’re huge rookies, this is still the best thing we’ve done in a long time!