Monday, March 28, 2016

Byebye Ruka

Foggy view from the slopes 

 On Saturday, me and Vicke went for after ski pizza to Pizzeria Ruka and it was one of the top 5 best pizza’s I’ve ever had. My pizza toppings were pineapple, olives, mushroom, basil, capsicum & pickled onion. Later that evening we had Easter dinner together with Vicke’s relatives which was fun! 

Yesterday we met up with some of the Savander’s and drank the famous Ruka drink called Kitkanviisas. After that, we had lunch at Mura Sushi (yum). In the evening, we jumped in the snow after our sauna session, played Scrabble and drank wine. 

We’re now in the car on our way back home. We had a great time in Ruka with lots of skiing, good food and relaxing. I even managed to keep up with my yoga practise thanks to Lotta's Yin yoga class, yay! 

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