Monday, March 21, 2016

Goodbye Tree House

Byebye Riga and our lovely Tree House yoga resort. We had an amazing time and enjoyed our stay sooo much! Yesterday after our morning yoga we headed to explore another part of the city. We got a bit lost but it was cool since we didn't mind just wondering around cluelessly. In the afternoon we attended a kirtan (at the same Hare Krishna place where we had lunch on Saturday). After singing and dancing we met up with our yoga teacher and went for a long walk to the Meza Parks. In the evening we had a 2,5h thai-yoga massage workshop, ate sushi and 
watched one of Derren Brown's experiments off a projector. Such a perfect day! Today we had our last yoga & meditation lesson, had breakfast, packed our bags and left for the bus to Tallinn. We're now on the boat on our way home, and tonight I'm finally gonna get to see Vicke, yaay!

Oh btw, tomorrow morning, me and Cat are being interviewed about our Podcast, so turn on Radio Vega at 10am! 

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