Wednesday, March 16, 2016

horror Tuesday

Yesterday was not fun.. I suddenly got a crazy rash (nettle rash?) after eating watermelon. First, my ears and scalp started to itch, then I noticed I had a few mosquito bite-looking spots on my belly and before I knew it, my whole back, ass and and belly was full of them and some were even forming big clusters. Also, my ears, nose and lower lip swelled up and I went into some kind of shock because it itched so much that I didn’t know what to do except call my mom, I couldn't stand, sit or lay on the floor because of the itching, I just kept pounding on the ground and tried to shake my arms and legs to feel something else than the itching. I took a few antihistamines and thankfully, after about 20min they started working and the rash started to calm down. My mom was so sweet and took the bus all the way over here and then we went to the hospital together (I have the best mom <3
The doctors said that it was definitely a nettle rash, and that’s it’s difficult to know where it came from, but it could’ve been the watermelon so they told me to stay away from it for a while. But like they said, nettle rashes can appear out of nowhere and doesn’t necessarily mean I’m allergic to something. I’m just gonna have to do an allergy test at some point and see.. I stayed at the hospital for quite some time (my crying helped speed things along haha) and they gave me some more medicines to prevent the rash from blooming out again. I’m now on a three-day medication and feel fine, but holy moly I don’t wish that upon anyone... I went to bed really early and slept in today so I hope my body’s fully recovered now.

 I’m dog sitting Jana at the moment and later on me and Cat are heading to Espoo, tomorrow we’re off to Riga for a Yoga Retreat weekend thing, haaallelujah!

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  1. Men herregud stakin!!! Som tur att det gick över sen <3 hoppas att de int va vattenmelonen för i know how much u love them, kanske de bara va en one time thing!