Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March 30

Yesterday was a pretty chill day, I ate tons of  freshly baked bread with påMackan on top (Oatly’s delicious creamy bread spread) and veggie puree soup. In the evening I went for a walk with Iris and spoke to Cat who’s currently in Thailand. I also ate this donut from Arnold’s (yes they have a vegan Easter doughnut, and YES it was delicious- tasted just like the old Arnold’s donuts I remember) 

Today me, le boyfriend and Iris had a bit of a sleep-in, and later in the day we went to Sandro in Kallio for lunch with Lotta.

There were sooooo many vegan options and everything was just so frickin’ tasty. I especially liked their lentil soup, hummus, tomato-basil sauce, falafels, olive salad, pastasalad, zuchini & eggplant & potato- veggie medley, beansalad, breads aaaand a lot of other things, I’ll just stop rambling now but my main point is that Sandro is most definitely worth checking out!

Another thing I appreciated was that the staff was extremely sweet, helpful and humble, I felt all warm and fuzzy inside after we'd left the restaurant :))

These cute, colorful & patterned bowls stole my heart!

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