Friday, March 4, 2016


Do I have any nicknames? Jaffi, Jay, Smiin etc.

How can you win my heart? By being an animal lover.

Have I ever gotten my heart broken? No not really.

What's my lucky number? 28

What am I allergic to? Horses. My eyes, nose and throat start to itch like crazy if I’m around them for too long.

Height: Last time I checked; 164cm, but according to lots of people I’ve suddenly grown a bit taller (I’ve always been a late bloomer..) so right now, I’m not so sure!

Cant live without: My smoothie blender!

Ever had a crush on a teacher? Kind of.. but not if you compare it with my friend’s crush to the same teacher haha! hello Emmy :)) 

Opinion on..

Long distance relationships? Having been in a long distance relationship for over 2 years, I can tell you that it’s definitely not easy. At first I thought it felt pretty good to miss each other all the time, after a while you get kind of numb and obviously you get used to being apart so it doesn’t feel so hard. Number one tip for being in a long distance relationship; DON'T talk on the phone when either of you is having bad service on their phone haha, I can’t even tell how many times we started off our chat all happy and lovey-dovey but end up raging and yelling HELLLOOOOOOO!??????!! at each other, hahaha. 

Ghosts? I definitely believe in spirits. Mostly because I know people who are extra sensory and I’ve heard sooooo many stories about it,  I’ve also seen one in Poland in a hotel room! I also believe my guardian angels (both my grandpa’s) are watching over me, don’t know if they would count as ghosts though?

Religion? I think I'm an agnostic. I don’t feel like putting a label on myself because I just don’t care enough to do so. I think that religion is often the reason conflicts exist, so in my opinion the world would be better off without them. I believe in karma and that everything happens for a reason.

Do I ever doubt the existence of others than humans? I’m preeeeetty sure that there are others sharing the universe with us humans. I mean it is ridiculous to deny the possible existens of other random alien inhabitants on all the other endless amount of planets.

Last time I cried? Yesterday when talking to my bf on the phone, we were in the middle of a normal conversation so don’t know why, I’m super emotional for no reason sometimes haha. 

How often do I cry? I easily start crying from feeling stressed and angry or watching cute animal videos on youtube.. but maybe once every week/couple of weeks.

Am I a night owl or morning bird? Lately I’ve definitely been a night owl. 

Where do I want to travel if I could go anywhere and why? Brazil, Barbados, Jamaica, Hawaii, Greece, France, Thailand, Japan and the list goes on forever

Last movie I saw: I went to the movies two days ago to see How To Be Single.

Dream job: Having my own animal sanctuary/save animals/work with animals.

Do I prefer the beach or the mountains? I love hiking and beautiful sceneries so my first reaction  is mountains but I looove chilling by the ocean so I’m gonna gave to say the beach.

Do I have any strange phobias? Yesss, you know when people shower/swim for too long and their fingers and toes become all wrinkly? I totally FREAK OUT when someone tries to grab my hands when both our hands are wrinkly from the water.  The worst thing happened in Cairns when me and Cat attended a swimmingpool aerobics class and we all had to hold hands and dance around and I thought gonna pass out from the feeling of my wrinkly hands rubbing against an old man’s already wrinkly hands (I’m getting chills while writing this). 


  1. hahahahahah hajoooooo nä ja tänker på dendä pool jumppan i Cairns xDDDDD

  2. Hahahah okei ja sitter i bussen o har suttit här och flinat o skrattat out loud när ja läste dehär :DDDDDD hello there! O ha int veta om din phobia hahhah ja kan så känna dendär känslan nu när du beskriver de :DDDDD

  3. Fastern din tyckte om mycket men speciellt det där om skyddsänglar!