Thursday, April 21, 2016

for those of you who misunderstood

After our eating disorder podcast episode, I got some questions regarding the link between my personal eating disorder and veganism. Now I’m going to try and clear this all up for you. I did NOT decide to come to this lifestyle because I had an eating disorder that I wanted to cure.
I don’t have anything against people doing that because switching to a plant based diet has helped SO many people to overcome their eating disorders. Most of those people have been restricting their food intake for a long time, and after finding out that when you start eating plant based, you need to eat a hell of a lot more food (plant based food is often times naturally lower in calories than non-plant based foods). Most people, like me, love to eat, so naturally this type of diet ẃhere you can (and should) eat all the carbs you want and get healthy at the same time, is appealing to a lot of people, whether they’re coming from a restrictive lifestyle of not.

In the podcast episode, I did say that I switched focus from my body issues to just eating whatever as long as I wasn't hurting any animals in the process. Like most teens, I’d been struggling with body image issues from time to time (which SADLY, is completely normal in this society). But the amazing thing is that when I switched to a plant based diet, those body issues slowly started to fade away. I was now more concerned with not buying products that will harm any animals, than what my body looked like.
How some people think that eating plant based is restrictive or that it’s an eating disorder, is beyond me. Like I said, some people have started to eat plant based in order to overcome their ed’s, lose weight, clear up their skin, feel more energized, cure diseases etc. but I personally started eating plant based because I didn’t want any more animals to suffer because of me. It’s a huge bonus for me that eating plant based whole foods is like the healthiest diet on the planet, but even if it wasn't, I would still do it because of the animals. Veganism in itself has nothing to do with anything else than trying to cause less harm in this world. Hope this clears things up for those of you who didn’t quite understand the point that me and Cat were making. 

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