Saturday, April 23, 2016


I’ve noticed something lately, and it’s that I always start to feel really down and bummed out if I haven’t been around animals in a while. Me and Ida were dog sitting a dog named Hubbe a few weeks ago, but other than that and petting the cat at my summer place, I haven’t had any animal contact in so long.. 

I miss Iris so much, I miss the pig I met in Bali, and I even miss these goats (in the pic) who I always hang out with near our summer house. Animals are just the BEST therapy for me, they’re so funny and cute that I just wanna squeeze them to death (vegan joke ha-ha).

 Anyways, I feel a bit better after having an energizing Power workout at the gym and eating mangoes for my post-workout breaky. I have to start studying now and stop missing animals so byeeee! 

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