Monday, April 25, 2016


In our newest podcast episode, we talk about something that we’re really passionate about; animals in the entertainment industry. It’s a super interesting episode with lots of juicy stuff! We talk about what can go on behind closed doors at circuses and Sea World and how poorly animals are treated in captivity. We also tell the story about the saddest gorilla we’ve ever seen in Sydney Zoo, we talk about Tyke the Elephant (RIP), Miley Cyrus & Harry Styles (what?) and why we’ve decided NOT to support any of these animal exploitative industries anymore. 

HAVE A LISTEN BY CLICKING HERE  or by checking us out on iTunes or your Podcast app :) 

Ps. sometimes I just feel angry and hopeless so I’m sorry about this rant, but seriously what the hell is wrong with us?? Whatever happened to us so that we stopped being compassionate RATIONAL human beings????? 

Ps 2. I honestly believe this is what will happen and I feel so ashamed of us humans. Can’t wait for a better time where we’ve stopped this madness and all the animals are free. 

Ps 3. Amen to that Jacque (first name basis haha), no but seriously, nobody can do everything but we can all do SOMETHING to help. I’m so happy that me and Cat have our little podcast to get the message out there. Even writing a little blog post or posting something on facebook regarding animal rights can help the animals, so I suggest everybody starts to speak their minds and truths, and change WILL happen! #veganpower 

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