Sunday, April 3, 2016


Yesterday I woke up early, went to the gym for a quick workout, bought lots of fruit from the market square, packed my stuff and took the bus to my parents’ place. We drove to our summerhouse and I just layed in my lounger, listened to podcasts, drank coffee & juice and enjoyed the sunshine on my face (I was obviously wearing my winter coat and all that jazz, it’s not quite summer yet). In the evening, I did a 20 minute blissful yoga practise, and then I made us dinner with loads of different veggies in all the colours of the rainbow. I just have to say, after eating lots of less-nutritious food for 1,5 weeks, it feels SO good to get back to eating nourishing, plant based WHOLE FOODS. It truly makes me feel fabulous from the inside out. I’m so grateful that I’ve found this way of eating, no fruits, veggies, legumes or grains have ever tasted this good before!

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