Monday, May 30, 2016

Yesterday/Beach Day

Pics from when me and a couple of other guys from the hostel went to Zen Beach. I hadn't been there before and holy macaroni it was beautiful!! 

For dinner I had another veggie curry at Sunshine Restaurant and had this cutie sleeping on my bag while I ate.

For dessert I went to Art Café and had their famous banana bread. 


Yesterday Cecilia came to Srithanu so we walked around in the village, visited Secret Beach, drank coffee at Art Café and had the most amazing dinner ever at Eat Co. 
I got to try jackfruit for the first time in my breakfast fruit salad at Sunshine and it tasted super weird.. I think it's one of those things that you'll like once you get used to it..blaah

Swings in the beach bar by Secret Beach

This kitty kept us company at Eat Co where we had... 

... pretty much the best dinner ever. We shared a large Thali, on the left platter; dahl, bbq seitan, tzatsiki, hummus, spicy shredded mushroom mess & baked cheese cake in the middle. On the right; fresh salad, homemade pita bread & peanutbutter/cashewcream dip. We had a nice little trip to foodheaven.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Bottle Beach

Yesterday I rented a scooter (for 150 baht/day!!) and drove to the north of Koh Phangan from where I hiked to Bottle Beach. The hike was pretty tough but I was still happy being in the middle of a jungle with lots of lizzards so it was all goood. It took me about an hour to get to Bottle Beach and holy moses it was beautiful. There were some fancy resorts and houses along the beach but other that that it was completely secluded with just a couple of other tourists swimming in the turquoise sea. I had a couple of swims, ate watermelon and just loved life. 
the beautiful Haad Khuad, also knows as Bottle Beach 

some scenery mid-way through my hike

I don't know if you can tell but this is pretty much what most of the hike looked like. Lots of gravel, roots and steep trails. 

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Eat Co

Eat Co. which I already mentioned before, is an all vegan restaurant/café and it's super cozy, bohemic, hippie and amazing!!! Everything I've had so far has been top notch:
Dahl of the day with brown rice & coriander

Kombuchaaaa!! I've been watching lots of youtubers (especially Plantriotic) who keep hypeing this probiotic magical drink and I'm so glad I got to try it. This one tasted sooo nice, kind of like home made  mead (=mjöd/sima) or home-brewed non alcoholic beer (kotikalja)? Anyway I likes it a lot! I definitely want to learn how to make it myself some day! 

meditation, sea, yoga & soul food

This blogpost was meant to come up on Wednesday 25th but the internet hadn't been the best at all times so it apparently failed to upload.... I'm gonna post this anyways sooo this was my Wednesday:

I started my day with a Vipassana meditation class at Samma Karuna. Afterwords I went to Art Café, I could've sat there for hooours with all their books (and delicious coffee) 
so many vegan options <3

After swimming in the sea and sunbathing I met this cute lizzy at the hostel. Unfortunately we didn't become buddies because I had to run to my Hatha Yoga class at Gaia Yoga and also Lizzy thought I was scary..

For dinner I had a delicious Pad Thai with brown rice on the side at the famous Mama Pooh restaurant. 

Welcome to Mama Pooh's Kitchen!

For dessert, I headed to Eat Co..

..and had a slice of Ferrero cake! One of the employees recommended it to me and it was sooooo moist & chocolatey! love life♥

Haad Chao Pao

Here are some pictures from the hostel I'm staying at. It's right by the beach and they have both doormrooms and bungalows. (I'm obviously staying in a doorm because it's cheaper (150 baht/night) and also I got pretty used to the no privacy thing a looong time ago) 

Zen dayz

I'm pretty sure I'm as relaxed as our cute hostel dog is in this picture. I get these rush feelings of happiness all the time and I'm so grateful for everything in my life right now. Yeah yeah I'm being a lil' cheezy but I'm also serious and mean it:) My days have been super chill and me and Cat were just talking about how we both feel/felt like Julia Roberts in the movie Eat, Pray, Love, because that's pretty much what this part of Koh Phangan is for. Yesterday I had a private restorative yoga practise with a volonteer at Samma Karuna who I keep bumping into. Before that I had a nice long swim in the sea and booked my flight tickets from Surat Thani to Bangkok (for 20€?!) I'm soooo glad that Lina, another backpacker helped me figure everything out because otherwise I probably would've taken the bus instead which is pretty much the same price but I would've wasted 11 hours on sitting in an uncomfortable bus.. So I have until the 4th to do whatever I want to do, freedooooom!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

stormy but amazing

I've been having another wonderful day here in Ko Phangan.
 I started my morning with a complimentary breakfast of coffee, jasmine tea & mango shake.

then I kissed my lovely bungalow goodbye..

until later Golden Rock Bungalows!

I started reading The Secret outside the Gaia Yoga studio..

..before I attended the AfroLatino dance class which was such an amazing experience!!!

Gaia Yoga is amazing, definitely visit them  if you have a chance!

I walked up to Sunset Hill viewpoint..

..and sat at Karma Café for hours, reading and drinking this fresh watermelon lemonade.

Walked past this cool workshop earlier. I know I've said it before but I absolutely LOVE it here. 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Ko Pha Ngan

We got to Ko Phangan today and while the others went to stay at a hotel at the southest point of the Island, I checked into my very own bungalow at the Golden Rock Bungalow's in Srithanu. I'm right by the beach and right next to Gaya Yoga retreat. Life's so good to me right now...  

On my way to Surithanu I bought the BEST watermelon I've ever had. 19 baht/kg holy moly...

This island is like paradise, there are so many vegan alternatives in restaurants, smoothie & juice & fruit stands, yoga & meditation & healing resorts etc. 

I met another veggielover and his yogi friend by this boat, all the people here are so nice!! 

This veggie curry was soooo unbelievebly tastyyyyyy! Cat and Emilia told me to go to the Sunshine restaurant and to say hi to the owner and so I did. She remembered Cat and Emilia and immediately asked if she should bring me the exact same thing they had had and I ofcourse said YESSS. She's the sweetest woman ever and her cooking's the bomb. I'm definitely going back for sticky rice mango later!

Koh Samui

Yesterday me and Cecilia explored the northern part of Koh Samui, we swam in our pool, visited the Big Buddha and walked to Fisherman's Village where we had an amazing dinner at Greenlight Café
Big Buddha Village 

 puppies everywhereeee...

found a tiny mango

We give the food at Greenlight Café a 10+. After walking back to our hotel, we finished the day with a nice evening swim:)

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Byebye Chiang Mai

Me and Cecilia are now waiting for our flight to Koh Samui where we'll be spending one night, and tomorrow we're heading to Ko Phangan with her boyfriend and his friend. We've had such a good time here in Chiang Mai I'm really gonna miss is (and the other girls ofcourse). 

Some pics from the past few days;

Rescue elephants at the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary


pumpkin hummus plate at May Kaidee's

 baby squirrel :)

Wat Buppharam Temple 

 One of the chill areas at Baan Khun hostel.