Monday, May 30, 2016


Yesterday Cecilia came to Srithanu so we walked around in the village, visited Secret Beach, drank coffee at Art Café and had the most amazing dinner ever at Eat Co. 
I got to try jackfruit for the first time in my breakfast fruit salad at Sunshine and it tasted super weird.. I think it's one of those things that you'll like once you get used to it..blaah

Swings in the beach bar by Secret Beach

This kitty kept us company at Eat Co where we had... 

... pretty much the best dinner ever. We shared a large Thali, on the left platter; dahl, bbq seitan, tzatsiki, hummus, spicy shredded mushroom mess & baked cheese cake in the middle. On the right; fresh salad, homemade pita bread & peanutbutter/cashewcream dip. We had a nice little trip to foodheaven.

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