Monday, May 2, 2016


This is one of my most favorite chocolates ever, it tastes like Geisha but better! A bunch of my non-vegan friends have also tried it and they’ve all LOVED it. Definitely recommend!

Am I the only one who loves eating chocolate like this..? I feel like a bad ass when I don’t stick to the ready-made squares haha.. anyway, if you like chocolate as much as me and Cat, I suggest you listen to our newest podcast episode by clicking here! Besides trying out and talking about chocolate we also discuss whether you should support non-vegan companies who have come out with vegan products, such as Ben & Jerry’s. I think it’s super important to show support and be a part of the demand for cruelty-free products, wether it’s a cruelty-free company or not, and I’m definitely gonna buy their dairy-free ice creams as soon as I get a chance. Hope you all have a lovely Monday evening my dear blog readers  

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