Saturday, May 28, 2016

meditation, sea, yoga & soul food

This blogpost was meant to come up on Wednesday 25th but the internet hadn't been the best at all times so it apparently failed to upload.... I'm gonna post this anyways sooo this was my Wednesday:

I started my day with a Vipassana meditation class at Samma Karuna. Afterwords I went to Art Café, I could've sat there for hooours with all their books (and delicious coffee) 
so many vegan options <3

After swimming in the sea and sunbathing I met this cute lizzy at the hostel. Unfortunately we didn't become buddies because I had to run to my Hatha Yoga class at Gaia Yoga and also Lizzy thought I was scary..

For dinner I had a delicious Pad Thai with brown rice on the side at the famous Mama Pooh restaurant. 

Welcome to Mama Pooh's Kitchen!

For dessert, I headed to Eat Co..

..and had a slice of Ferrero cake! One of the employees recommended it to me and it was sooooo moist & chocolatey! love life♥

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