Thursday, May 19, 2016


On sunday morning, me and Cecu hopped on an airplane and started our little journey to Thailand. We had decided to come here and surprise Cat and the mission was accomplished! We've been stayong in Pai where we've been to the Mae Yen Temple, Pai Canyon, walked around in the village center, had delicious fruits and food, and just relaxed at our awesome hostel which has pretty much everything you could hope for. Me, Cecu, Cat, Emppu & Sandra just arrived to Chiang Mai where we'll be spending a couple of days. Life's goooood! 
View from the Mae Yen Temple 

fruit salads at Fat Cat

Circus Hostel 

Pai Canyon

Our lovely massage guy who had his 56th birthday last night!

Passionfruit Shake and iced coffees while waiting for our 3h bus ride to Chiang Mai. 

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