Saturday, May 28, 2016

Zen dayz

I'm pretty sure I'm as relaxed as our cute hostel dog is in this picture. I get these rush feelings of happiness all the time and I'm so grateful for everything in my life right now. Yeah yeah I'm being a lil' cheezy but I'm also serious and mean it:) My days have been super chill and me and Cat were just talking about how we both feel/felt like Julia Roberts in the movie Eat, Pray, Love, because that's pretty much what this part of Koh Phangan is for. Yesterday I had a private restorative yoga practise with a volonteer at Samma Karuna who I keep bumping into. Before that I had a nice long swim in the sea and booked my flight tickets from Surat Thani to Bangkok (for 20€?!) I'm soooo glad that Lina, another backpacker helped me figure everything out because otherwise I probably would've taken the bus instead which is pretty much the same price but I would've wasted 11 hours on sitting in an uncomfortable bus.. So I have until the 4th to do whatever I want to do, freedooooom!

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