Monday, July 25, 2016


The past few weeks have been really good. My bf came back home to Finland so we’ve just been chilling and roadtripping with our partner in crime Iris. First we went to Hangö to celebrate Olle’s birthday, we stayed for a couple of more days and layed by the beach, rode our bikes, ate ice cream and just relaxed. Our next destination was Pargas where we spent 3 laid back days, we went to eat pizza in Nagu, had a sauna session, visited the goats with Iris, went to see my grandma in the village center etc.

 After that we made a little pit stop and said hi to my other grandma in Raisio, thereafter we drove to Lönnukka to visit V’s grandparents. We wined and dined, had a nightly deep talk on the pier, took a morning dip and helped waiter a lunch thingy the next day. After that we drove back to the city where we've spent the last couple of days. We watched movies including The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas, Dinner For Schmucks and Nightcrawler, had a taco night and on Saturday we went to see V’s dad and wife, they had cooked us an amazing dinner and afterwords we just sat by the table and talked for hours. Yesterday morning I went to see Nici in Helsinki, we had take away coffee's Kippo sandwiches (best sandwiches I’ve had in Helsinki handsdown!) and caught up on each others lives since we hadn’t seen each other since December. 

Later that day V picked me up and we drove to Raseborg to see the summer theatre Sound Of Music with his grandparents. I arrived to Pargas today and our relatives are visiting so we’ve had fun playing football, Afrikas stjärna & memory card and eating delicious cruelty-free foods (lasagna, ice cream & cookies). I’ve been super happy and relaxed  over the past few weeks but I really need to start looking for an apartment for when school starts in the fall, so starting tomorrow there’ll be less slacking and more sorting stuff out!

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