Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Sooo this is basically me trying to sort out and get rid of some stuff before the move in September 1. Btw this SATC scene when Carrie gets in an argument with Aidan is one of my faves on the show, so funny. My life has been pretty boring lately, I miss all of my friends (most of them are traveling/live someplace else) and I feel like I don’t belong anywhere. Tomorrow is going to be fun though because I’m going to Vicke's grandma and grandpa’s summerplace for a cousin meet-up with girlfriends (that was a direct translation and it probably doesn’t make a lot of sense but I’ll tell you more about it afterwords). I’m now going to dig into my big ass watermelon and watch some youtube videos. Oh and if you’re interested, here are a few of my MOST favorite youtubers at the moment: BananaBlondie108Plantbased PamNaturally StefanieHenya ManiaIda WargJon VenusBonnyrebeccaIzzy DCornelia GrimsmoTess BeggFamiljen Wikström MalmqvistEdyn Mackney and ok I need to stop now, I was only going to name a few but these are all seriously bomb and worth checking out.

... This reminds me that I've totally forgot to mention my awesome bestie's youtube channel!! She’s super inspiring and just living her life traveling doing what ever the f she wants to do. Love itttttttt!!

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