Saturday, September 10, 2016

she’s back

Holy moly!!! I just got surprised by my bestie Cat who’s been abroad for waaaay to long. She and her bf Sam showed up when I was supposed to have coffee with Cecilia this afternoon. The weird thing is I that I had a very strong feeling that it was gonna happen today (I was preeetty damn sure she was gonna surprise me at some point). Ah I’m so happy she’s back! Ps. I wrote that on Tuesday but I couldn’t post it straight away since she was going to surprise some other friends who may or may not read my blog haha.  

I got back from Cat’s summerplace earlier today, we went there to have a cozy Friday night with friends, good food & wine. After dinner we had a sauna session, had some of Emppu's rhubarb crumble dessert and then we laid on the grass and watched the stars. Such a good night!

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