Saturday, October 1, 2016

Lunch & Movie Date

Yesterday me and my mom went to have lunch at Sushi Panda. Highly recommend their vegan sushi!! The ones pictured had fried sesame tofu, avocado, carrot & basil. After eating, me and mom were talking about how satieted and good we felt, plus she mentioned the lack of guilt not having killed someone, and it’s so true. When you eat plant-based you feel so good on so many different levels, I can't even explain..when you know you know. 

After walking around in some shops, we went to the movies to see Bridget Jones's Baby. We both love the Bridget Jones movies so we were really excited to see this one. I honestly thought it was sooo funny, I laughed so hard tears started pouring down my face a couple of times.. 
After saying bye to mom in the evening, I went to hang out at Cat and Sam’s new place. It’s a two story apartment with a fireplace and stuff.. ah it’s so cozy, and the best part? it’s on the same street that me and Chobi live in, happyhappyyy! 

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