Tuesday, October 11, 2016

What theeeeee

Ok.. I’m extremely frustated right now and I need to share with you what I just saw... So basically I just saw an ad on Youtube where a girl was happily showing her plant-based protein groceries to her friend, and the friend kind of rolls her eyes and starts drinking a smoothie called "Proegg protein-smoothie”.. and all I’m thinking is how low can you go Laitilan Kanatarha? First of all I would like to know how you think when you try to put down plant-based proteins that are 100% the healthiest ones for you, and secondly, whyyyyy do you think that adding hens undfertilized reproductive menstruation cycles to a smoothie is necessary?? I’m so sick of people obsessing about protein (especially animal based proteins), just do your homework, watch Forks Over Knives, read the China Study or something (the information about bad cholesterol, cancer etc. is out there everywhere) and lastly, just take a moment to be non-egoistic and think about the baby male chicks that get ground up in a chipper because of the egg industries. Sorry not sorry about this rant, this was my initial, honest reaction to yet another product on the market that’s is contributing to the slaughter of innocent animals, and it just shows how brainwashed society is with all this protein bullshit. Laitilan Kanatarha this one’s for you 

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