Thursday, October 20, 2016

you ate my sandwich

So I haven’t been feeling my best the past few days..  School stress has been getting to me more than ever which is weird because I don’t even have THAT much going on? and I’ve been feeling super unmotivated and bummed out.  The last drop was probably when I accidentally missed a deadline and it felt like my life was a tiny bit ruined for a second, that’s when I first realized I need to take a moment to breath and reboot. You know the feeling when you have too much stuff to do so you end up taking a nap instead? that was me minus the napping.. But after crying to my bf about it on the phone last night I now feel much better. So to sum up: life’s good minus school stuff. 

Mine and Chobi’s joint birthday dinner on Tuesday night was a lot of fun! We went to Delhi Darbar because the food there is always on point (Indian food, need I say more?) It was a super cozy dinner followed by a drink in the pub across the street. I also realized yet again how amazing my friends are and how much I love them. Tomorrow is also gonna be fun because Fellu & Malin are in Turku and we’re gonna wine & dine at Cat & Sam’s place!

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