Friday, November 11, 2016


I thought I’d update you guys a bit from mine and my bf’s mini-holiday in Cannes last weekend. We arrived in Nice on Friday night, got picked up and went straight from the airport to have pizza (my aubergine topping was top notch) in a cozy restaurant in Cannes. The following day we went strolling around in the cozy city centre, had lunch in a Seafood place (I had a huge salad, baguette, french fries & wine so I wasn’t complaining). Then we just relaxed inside for the rest of the day, had some wine and homemade minestrone soup for dinner. On Sunday we went to Le Vieux Village in Mougins, picked a pomegrenade from the garden, looked at stuff with a telescope (creeper mode was on) and so on. It was soo nice to get away from the cold and especially school for a few days. Here are some crappy pics I took, enjoy!

The view from the house we stayed at was just wow. 

 .. and so was the morning light

not a bad dinner view I must say..

 Before our flights back home on Monday we had a few hours together in Nice.

 Loved the beach and the smooth stones, luckily I brought some back home with me!

 We saw loads of gelateria’s in the city so we had some before lunch. I got a scoop of mango & rich chocolate sorbet which was sooo good.

We decided to have lunch at a place called The Scotch Tea House (random name I know) but it was a typical French restaurant which I really liked. We were so happy to be able to sit outside in the sun, it wasn’t as warm in Cannes so it was super appreciated. I had...

..a delicious tomato & herb gnocchi. After lunch we hopped on the bus to the airport, V flew back to London and I came back to Turku (I got home at 4am on Mon-Tue night). I wish I could say that it’s good to be back and actually mean it but that’s not the case haha.
Good night peeps!

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