Friday, October 20, 2017


Life update!! I’m going to volunteer with Vervet monkeys for 4 weeks in Tzaneen, SA.
 Stay tuned for an update after the trip!

All animals deserve better 

Thursday, October 19, 2017


Yes, all people get sexually abused and harassed, but don’t try to minimize women’s suffering because “men get sexually assaulted too”. The whole point is to shine light on this problem as a whole, WHAT can we do together to avoid these situations?? People (mostly men, let’s be real here) who don’t know other people’s boundaries, LISTEN to what women are saying in times like these and believe that our feelings are true. And random men on the streets & in bars etc, don’t tell me to smile, make me smile. Old men, stop whistling and looking up and down at my body, I could be your granddaughter. Don’t just randomly grab my butt. STOP when I say stop. Major lack of communication going on in this society.... I’m going to say what you’ve probably heard a million times before. Everyone knows someone who’s been sexually harassed/assulted/raped yet NO ONE seems to know a harasser/assaulter/rapist. Could it be that men have a different view on what is considered a compliment and have a different take on rights? Yes, so let’s talk about it and create boundaries that we’re all comfortable with. Can everyone take responsibility here and just be a respectful person, how hard can it beeeeee.

Thursday, September 28, 2017


Last night after work, I went to the movies with Bettan & Cecu. I’ve been waiting for what feels like forever to see It and I was so happy that B suggested we’d go since pretty much all my other friends either hate horror movies or live someplace else. I really liked the movie, it was both scary and funny. At times it got a bit over the top (supernatural stuff doesn’t scare me that much) but overall I liked the story and the acting was on point.

Saturday, September 23, 2017


A few nights ago me and Vicke walked around Töölönlahti to get me a cinnamon roll from a café called Taideterassi. We couldn’t believe neither of us had never been there before, it was such a beautiful location and cozy cafe. The cinnamon roll wasn’t too shabby either....! A+ 

Sunday, September 17, 2017


Thank you Ben & Jerry’s for having a non-dairy ice cream line and for leaving the cows alone, even if it's just for a second. My favourite is the Peanut Butter & Cookies one, the question is when the Coffee Caramel Fudge one will make it’s way to Finland?

Saturday, September 16, 2017

shroom picking with the little fam

These pics are from a couple of days back when we went mushroom picking with a hysterical blueberry-munching dog haha. I’m back at my parents’ place now because I have work close by but I have a few days off which is much needed. I’ve been researching a bit about yoga teacher training stuff and also practised some yoga, made falafels, read our old childrens’ books & watched paradise hotel. Later I’m gonna go for a walk, have a sauna sesh & watch a movie, in other words I’m having some quality alone time. Happy weekend peeps! 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

♡ Bergen

Yesterday in a nutshell: Arrived with the Flybuss and oriented my way to Niklas & Malenes super sweet apartment, walked and looked around in the town centre with Niklas, grocery shopped, watched That 70’s Show, ate Malene's homemade falafels and tzatsiki, drank wine in the sofa while the rain pored outside (coziest moment in a long time), played a board game and struggled to understand the rules (language barriers haha) and met a few of Niklas’ friends who came over, went out to a couple of different clubs to dance. 

Today in a nutshell: Woke up late, ate breakfast & chilled out for a bit, rented bikes and rode them around Bergen (hot tip!!), admired the views, streets & houses, ate donuts, got wet from the rain (which is pretty much constant but I don’t mind at all) and now: try to pet Saga the cat who’s extremely skittish. Later on we’re going to Pygmalion for dinner. I could seriously consider moving here, it’s so peaceful and cozy, I think I feel at home ❥

Friday, September 8, 2017


A couple days ago I had acai bowls, coffee & raw cake with Cat, Emmy & Celina at Goodio, which I really liked. Earlier today we had brunch with some of the girls and later tonight I’m gonna hang out with them again. ♡ I’m so grateful even to be in the same country as most of my girls right now because it’s something very rare thing in our group of friends.Tomorrow I’m heading to Bergen in Norway to visit my cousin and his girlfriend for an extended weekend which I’m suuuper stoked about. Happy Friday everyone!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Bar no. 9

On Thursday we had lunch at one of our fave date spots: Cafe bar 9. I had the same that I always have because it’s just too good, kasviskorianteri wok with marinated tofu.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

I’m currently back home, haven’t been here for like a week so it feels good. I walked pass the market square today where the attack took place on Friday. There was a little sea of candles and flowers and it really touched my heart 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Yummy Bare Bar

I’ve started to eat a lot of energy & raw bars, they come in so handy at work and I literally haven’t tried any nasty tasting bars in my life which means I’m rarely disappointed. Wish they’d be cheaper though.. maybe I should start making my own? Ok I’m gonna go google bar recipes now, later! 

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

🍫Coconut Milk Chocolate by Renée Voltaire🍫

Am I crazy to think this chocolate tastes a bit like Fazer’s regular milk chocolate?? It doesn’t taste coconutty at all, just really light, smooth and creamy. This might be one of my favourite vegan chocolates now.... Watch out Rapunzel Nirwana & iChoc. It’s organic (sadly also a bit pricey) but it makes for a great gift because it’s cruelty-free and honestly who doesn’t like that? And as a bonus the packaging is super pretty! You can at least find this chocolate in Vegekauppa, don’t know about the availability in other stores...🍫🍫🍫

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

this moment ☾

Last night I was alone at our country place. I took a dip in the soothing sea wearing only my birthdaysuite (halleluja freedom) with a glass of rose in my hand. Then I returned to the steaming sauna and just took a moment to be really reflect on and be grateful for everything I have. I haven’t felt that kind of bliss in such a long time. Sea & sauna & solitude = best therapy ever ♥

Thursday, July 27, 2017


I’m currently at our summer place. We’ve had relatives over since yesterday and mrs meowington (pictured) also paid us a visit which was nice, freakin’ LOVE animals.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Makers Cafe

Me and Vicke went for a waffle brunch to Makers Cafe in Lauttasaari on Saturday. I reeeaally liked the place, the waffles, the interior, the atmosphere and the overall vibe. You get to eat as many waffles  (which are gluten-free) as you like and they have both salty & sweet toppings (everything vegan except for the feta cheese). They also served delicious coffee & Rooibos wildberry iced tea. 
Love cozy places like this.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

This week in some pics

Cauliflower ramen at Fat Ramen in Hietalahden kauppahalli 

Girls night at Emmy’s. I finally got to meet this little princess named Celina 

Lucky to have a master chef boyfriend

Iris as her happiest self in Mellsten

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Date night at Gaijin

On Saturday night, me and bf had a date night at Gaijin in Helsinki. We had emailed in advance and checked if they would do a vegan tasting menu for me and they sure did. I got 8 dishes while my bf got 10 but that was all forgiven after the food started rolling in and after we rolled out of the restaurant after we were done.

 My seasonal rhubarb drink aka “Suck My Garden” tasted like sour candy My bf had the Herushinki cocktail which was super refreshing. 

 This bun dish was probably my favorite of them all, can’t quite remember what it was though...

 Another plus was that they were very generous with bringing out more Gohan japanese rice which was meant to be shared. 

OI can promise you that you won’t get disappointed if you go here as a vegan foodie or if you’re just interested in trying some delicious North Asian veggie dishes. 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

this past month

Besides from working, I’ve been chilling at our summer house and celebrated my graduation with the fambam. Midsummer was spent in Hanko and I also went to the regatta for 22 hours because of work, haha desperate much... 
 Evening pre-sauna guitar sesh

 Iris sure loves to swim after sticks

the three best friends that anybody could have 

 I love that Iris loves being out at our summerhouse

ping-pong champion & bf :)

 monkey business 

Today we went for lunch to Via Tribunali which is a new pizza place in the city that serves authentic Neapolitan pizza. Their marinara pizza is vegan (apparently traditional Neapolitan pizza’s are made without cheese?! read that somewhere, correct me if I’m wrong)
...and holy moly it was one of the best pizza’s I’ve ever had. It was so rich in flavour, even the crust was top notch. Right now we’re chilling in the sofa with Iris at our feet. We’re gonna make dinner and then watch a horror movie and eat ice cream. I bought three different tubs, two of which I haven’t tried out yet. The excitement is real. If I have any readers left after this one month absence, I wish you a super cozy Sunday night! 

Sunday, June 18, 2017


Tuesday the 13th of June was my goddaughter Chanelle's birthday. She turned 3 and we celebrated her yesterday in Henttaa. She was the most adorable little princess as always.
Time to blow out the candles!

Walking around with her sippy straw cup & balloon, my heart is melting.

Fun little fact, Emmy couldn’t attend the party because she was busy giving birth to Chanelle’s sister who arrived into the world last night!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to the world little baby, you have the best sister & mommy ♥  ♥

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

get off me stupid bump

I have a weird bump on the lower right side of my knee and today I finally got an MRI for it. Keep your fingers crossed that it’s just some fluid that's causing the swelling. It’s been bothering me on/off since last November and no matter what it is I probably have to do some procedure to get rid of it, but here’s hoping it’s nothing serious!

Sunday, June 11, 2017


Mixu & me! pic stolen from snapchat (which you can probably tell). We had a good 4,5 hours ashore in Tallinn and we were super lucky with the weather! It was sunny and warm even in the shade, luckily we were able to get a table outside at my no.1 favourite restaurant Vegan Restauran V in old town. 

As a starter we had...
toasted garlic ciabatta with a selection of three different spreads; cashew spinach herb spread, muhammara & sweet potato peanut hummus.

As a main I went for their zucchini noodle and red quinoa salad with grilled avocado, tofu and pesto.

I can’t even describe my love for this place. The prices are really good for the quality & quantity of food, the atmosphere is super inviting and the staff is just lovely. The only negative thing is that it's pretty much always fully booked so you need to make a reservation at least a week or two beforehand. Hot tip if you’re in the area! It’s located on Rataskaevu 12. 

Friday, June 9, 2017


My brother got married the 27th of May and it was the most perfect day ever. Just looking at this picture makes me wanna bawl my eyes out all over again.

I stole this pic from Vicky’s (aka my beautiful sister-in-law’s) facebook. Hello lovebirds

 I stayed in the city for about 5 days around that time and me and V did a lot of fun stuff such as attend family dinners, hang out with Iris & film her (we’re making Iris The Movie) and we also had our very first "summer’s officially here ice creams". Other exciting news is that in the bus on my way home, I read my emails and found out that I got a super good grade on my bachelor’s thesis AND a few days after that it was confirmed that I’d completed all my courses and I can now call myself a bachelor of social science (not quite sure if that’s the term in english though). Can you even imagine my relief and happiness after busting my ass off and feeling like poop the whole fall and spring? I don’t even think it has sunk in yet.. seriously GO ME!!!!

Anyway, tomorrow, I’m going to Tallinn with my roomie Chobster and MIXU who I haven’t seen in about a year (??) because she lives in Sweden. God I’ve missed her. Hopefully the weather will be good too, I couldn’t possibly ask for more than a sunny/warm terrace, a cool glass of wine in my hand and my girls by my side.

 In other news; I’ve started working two different jobs which is great! I’m gonna be working the whole summer but I’m definitely gonna make room for lots of other stuff too. I refuse to go all year waiting for these summer months just to let them pass unnoticed. Also, I’m really gonna try to keep blogging more regularly, I’m not feeling the breaks that I’ve been having lately. Have a great weekend, talk to you soon!