Sunday, June 18, 2017


Tuesday the 13th of June was my goddaughter Chanelle's birthday. She turned 3 and we celebrated her yesterday in Henttaa. She was the most adorable little princess as always.
Time to blow out the candles!

Walking around with her sippy straw cup & balloon, my heart is melting.

Fun little fact, Emmy couldn’t attend the party because she was busy giving birth to Chanelle’s sister who arrived into the world last night!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome to the world little baby, you have the best sister & mommy ♥  ♥

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

get off me stupid bump

I have a weird bump on the lower right side of my knee and today I finally got an MRI for it. Keep your fingers crossed that it’s just some fluid that's causing the swelling. It’s been bothering me on/off since last November and no matter what it is I probably have to do some procedure to get rid of it, but here’s hoping it’s nothing serious!

Sunday, June 11, 2017


Mixu & me! pic stolen from snapchat (which you can probably tell). We had a good 4,5 hours ashore in Tallinn and we were super lucky with the weather! It was sunny and warm even in the shade, luckily we were able to get a table outside at my no.1 favourite restaurant Vegan Restauran V in old town. 

As a starter we had...
toasted garlic ciabatta with a selection of three different spreads; cashew spinach herb spread, muhammara & sweet potato peanut hummus.

As a main I went for their zucchini noodle and red quinoa salad with grilled avocado, tofu and pesto.

I can’t even describe my love for this place. The prices are really good for the quality & quantity of food, the atmosphere is super inviting and the staff is just lovely. The only negative thing is that it's pretty much always fully booked so you need to make a reservation at least a week or two beforehand. Hot tip if you’re in the area! It’s located on Rataskaevu 12. 

Friday, June 9, 2017


My brother got married the 27th of May and it was the most perfect day ever. Just looking at this picture makes me wanna bawl my eyes out all over again.

I stole this pic from Vicky’s (aka my beautiful sister-in-law’s) facebook. Hello lovebirds

 I stayed in the city for about 5 days around that time and me and V did a lot of fun stuff such as attend family dinners, hang out with Iris & film her (we’re making Iris The Movie) and we also had our very first "summer’s officially here ice creams". Other exciting news is that in the bus on my way home, I read my emails and found out that I got a super good grade on my bachelor’s thesis AND a few days after that it was confirmed that I’d completed all my courses and I can now call myself a bachelor of social science (not quite sure if that’s the term in english though). Can you even imagine my relief and happiness after busting my ass off and feeling like poop the whole fall and spring? I don’t even think it has sunk in yet.. seriously GO ME!!!!

Anyway, tomorrow, I’m going to Tallinn with my roomie Chobster and MIXU who I haven’t seen in about a year (??) because she lives in Sweden. God I’ve missed her. Hopefully the weather will be good too, I couldn’t possibly ask for more than a sunny/warm terrace, a cool glass of wine in my hand and my girls by my side.

 In other news; I’ve started working two different jobs which is great! I’m gonna be working the whole summer but I’m definitely gonna make room for lots of other stuff too. I refuse to go all year waiting for these summer months just to let them pass unnoticed. Also, I’m really gonna try to keep blogging more regularly, I’m not feeling the breaks that I’ve been having lately. Have a great weekend, talk to you soon! 

Monday, June 5, 2017

Gran Delicato

A few weeks ago me and bf went to have a late breakfast to Gran Delicato. It was my first time there and I really liked the place, we went to the one on Kalevankatu. They don’t have anything vegan on the menu but they were more than happy to make me a delicious ciabatta sandwich and I also had a creamy oat latte.  A+!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Dinner tip!

A few nights ago I made falafel patties with Bauckhof’s gluten-free Falafel mix which I really liked. 

 The ingredients are really good, simple and healthy which is a plus. All you need to do is mix the content of the bag with 250ml boiling water, let sit for 15 min and then you roll it into balls/patties and fry or bake them in the oven, easypeasy! You can also add in garlic, onion, coriander, parsley, chilli or whatever you like before rolling the falafels to give it some extra flavour. 

I had my patties with a green salad, grilled vegetables such as red bell peppers, broccoli, zucchini, tomatoes, sweet potato fries, corn and chunky hummus. Another idea is to make falafel wraps or serve with tabbouleh/couscous salad. Enjoy! 

Friday, May 19, 2017

London pics

Heey guys, here’s a little update of my London trip:

Thursday: We went to Camden to see some bands play from V’s school. There was a nice big terrace (and live music outside too) so we had some drinks outside in the SUN which felt so good. After a while we went for falafel and then to Brewdog for some special beers & boardgames with Dennis and his gf. No pics from this day unfortunately.

Friday: We were tourists at the bus (loove riding the bus in London rather than the tube), shopped at Whole Foods and in the evening we had a cute date night. We had dinner at Fed By Water in Dalston and both tried their pasta dishes which were top notch.

 The food there is SO pretty and YUMMY. As a starter I had the raw cheezy balls (omg) and V had a lovely bruschetta. 

I had the “carbonara” with soy cream with crispy seitan chunks and smoked tofu pasta

 ... and V had porcini mushroom tagliatelle. Mmmmmh.

I totally fell in love with the place. Then we had a bottle of wine and rushed (amazing race style) to Sheraton Hotel because we were going on a spontaneous Magic Show (The Magic Hour) which was so much fun!! We were both so impressed. I recommend you go see magician Tony Middleton he was so good and entertaining! 

On Saturday we went to the Vegan Summer Festival and they served so much delicious stuff so it was really hard to decide on what to get, but I eventually decided on...  

 Jake’s seitan burger and....

& a big piece of creamy pomegranate-pistachio cake. Besides this, they let you sample a lot of stuff such as cookies, brownies, chocolates, juices, cakes and so on. 

In the evening we had tortilla/Eurovision/game night which was a lot of fun. The guys’ terrace is so cozy in the evening with the mood lights. 

On Sunday V had band practise so I walked around in Shoreditch, visited the Spitalfields City Farm which is a MUST every time I’m in London. They have all kinds of rescue animals and I love the calm over there. After my little alone-time in Shoreditch we went for a glass of wine and sat in the sun for a bit. Then we had a little pre-celebration for V’s birthday where we dressed up and went to have tapas and wine (Badalisc<3) in Soho.
 Cauliflower & chickpea fritters, mix of olives & beetroot carpaccio. 

The next day (Monday) was Vicke’s birthdaaay! 
How adorable?? (I stole the pic from his mom’s facebook hehe)

We went for breakfast bagels and coffee to Subtitles Café. 
They had two vegan options but I went for an avo-marinated tofu one with onion chutney...

 ...and a pretty oat-milk chai latte.

Then we continued to Camden and Cookies And Scream and shared a warm brownie and a salted caramel freakshake. 
So gooood. I flew home that same afternoon and that was pretty much my little trip!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

little update

We went go karting on Monday night which was so much fun!! In other news I just booked a flight to see my boyfriend, I’m leaving for London next week!! A little vacay is so needed right now, plus there’s a lot to celebrate. We’re both finishing up school and it’s his birthday the 15th! I think it’s important to celebrate life in general, small and big things whenever you can. I’ve been super bad at it lately which sucks but at least I’ve acknowledged it and I’m going to do everything in my power to change it. Talk to you later

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


 I’ve fallen in love... with Shameless. My roomie got me hooked on it and all I can say is ah the joy of having almost two full seasons left to watch. 

Monday, April 24, 2017


This blogpost was actually a request from my bestie (hello Cat <3) and I thought it would be fun since I’m pretty much obsessed with podcasts. I listen to them all the time; while taking walks, working out, cleaning etcetc. so here we go!

Laid back/Feel good/Chit-Chat Podcasts:

The Mustards

 I absolutely love Jenny & David. Cutest couple ever with the best energy & chemistry (check out their cool youtube channel too!!)


Fashionista Leandra Medine talks about various topics in a funny and zingy way

Sanningens mammor

Zara Larsson & Olivia Gateu - I'm obessed/love them.


Positive vibes & pep-talks!

Therese & Zäta

Two interesting & funny young ladies who are into science and existential issues (tip: follow Therese Lindgren on youtube)

Mathilda & Andrea

These two talk about everything in life and vibe well together.

Relationspodden 2.0

 Katrin & Bingo are a divorced couple who give out relationship advice, need I say more..


Margaux and Jacob are a funny pregnant couple who argue a lot

Vad sa hon?

Olivia & Alva, a lot of feminist & mental health talks


Chill easy going conversations with Joanna & Gustav

A Lady Never Tells

Swedish-speaking Finns Ronja & Taika discuss a range of stuff such as relationships, self-worth, societal issues etc.


Swedish-speaking Finns Irene (who I’ve gone to the same highschool with) and Ronja discuss things that are considered tabu, common topics are mental health issues and life/work decisions.

Wahlgren & Wistam

I really like these two and their fun, chill & easy-listening podcast!


 Shallow and deep topics with Hanna & Dasha. Lifestyle, blogger-life & health

Tankar med…

Daniel Redgert interviews and gossips with famous Swedes

Noel & Ludwig 

Zara Larsons ex-boyfriend and ex-podcast partner (haha I really must love Zara)

Spiritual/Teaching/Mental Health:

From the Heart 

Rachel Brathen/Yoga Girl’s inspirational podcast about motherhood/yoga/well-being & her life journey. Love her voice and the her calm way of speaking

Earth To Us

Living compassionately & paying attention. I love Hanna McNeely and her positive quirky vibe (she’s Ellen Fischer’s sister if that rings a bell which it should) 

Rich Roll

Health & being a plant-based athlete

Zen for Everyday Life


Animalogy & Food For Thought with Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

I adore this woman, she’s so kind and loving and I just want to be (with) her

Magic Lessons

joyful living & overcoming fears



P3 dokumentär

Both interesting & disturbing stories based on true events


Interviews with successful & inspiring Swedish people


Interviews & making mental health issues less tabu 


 Interviews with mental health in focus


Interviews focusing on mental & physical health

Podcasts that I have a love/hate relationship to:

Mitt i Livet

I think these two are funny and I love Malin but Katrin can be a little much haha, especially with the fat shaming & weight obsession..

Paula och Hugo

I disagree with a lot of the things they say regarding health and fitness… they promote certain diets that I can’t relate to, e.g. fruit has a lot of sugar sugar which means fruits are a treat---> limit and restrict your fruit intake. Meanwhile meat & milk products are considered healthy and should be consumed everyday.... Thumbs down.

I Nöd och Lust

I like these two but don’t agree with how they obsess shallow things such as looks & diet, and they also give out advice of how to behave in order to get guys to like you.....Weeell whatever floats your boat haha.

The Joe Rogan Podcast

He’s got some interesting guest at times, but for the love of god stop putting down plant-based diets, vegan bodybuilding and animal rights’ advocates just because you hunt and eat paleo -.-

Den Friska Wargen

I follow Ida on youtube and I think she has a lot of smart things to say but not sure if the two are a good pair to have a podcast together..

Trettio Plus Trevar & Fredagspodden


These two I listen to if I’m bored. I have a hard time relating to a lot of the stuff they talk about but still find them interesting at times depending on the topics. 

Podcasts that have stopped releasing new episodes/Podcasts I listen to at times:

Michaela & Dasha Blogpod 

Den fantastiska resan


Isabel & Rebeccas Podcast  

Pillowtalk with Penny & Peg 

Monday Glory 


Hanapees Otroliga Podcast 

Gabrielle Bernstein The World Has Your Back

You might wonder why I even bothered to make a love/hate relationship list (sorry for being negative), but I do listen to them and think it’s good to be critical and highlight certain things that are problematic. In my opinion some of these podcasts send out a less positive message in some aspects based on my own values and thoughts. Anyway, let me know if I’m missing out on any good podcasts!! Although chances are I’ve already listened to them... Have a great day peeps!