Wednesday, February 1, 2017

pooped out

Life’s no party at the moment. 
Nothing special has happened that would cause me to feel unhappy and  down, but January in general wasn’t fun for me for some reason. After new years, I started to feel that things were slightly meaningless and I couldn’t find joy in the small things that I’ve always been able to do before. 
In general, I’m the type of person who cries a lot, it can be whatever; frustration, sadness, anger, happiness, laughing too hard etc, but this past month I reached a new level in feeling low that I’d never experienced before. I knew that it was caused by something but I couldn’t point out what, I guess it felt like some sort of overwhelming feeling of numbness. I know some of it (or most of it?) has to do with stressing way too much, especially school and things that are beyond my control. I’m not where I want to be in life and I know this is just a phase but I’m getting tired and anxious not having some sort of plan for the future. I think the simple way to put it is that I've been feeling stuck. Stuck in this life and mindset I don’t want. Of course the lack of sunlight isn’t helping either.. Anyways enough of this negative nancy stuff, I want to kiss January goodbye and say hello to a fab February. To cheer myself up, I made up a list of some of the fun times I’ve had in 2017 so far, enjoy:   

1. Quality time with my boyfriend (and his dog, duuh)
2. Spending time with both mine and V's family & friends
3. Watching Solsidan a million times over 
4. Practising a liiittle bit of yoga almost on the daily
5. Getting back into stretching
6. Our mini trip to Himos (& snowboarding for the first time!!)
7. Finally getting to try Lenny and Larry’s Snickerdoodle cookie
8. Getting rid of my random rash looking area around my chin
9. Getting a mini buddha statue & Cam’s (=Cat&Sam) old popcorn machine
10. Going to some pretty interesting gender study classes
11. Eating out at restaurants (ordering vegan food at Shelter in Helsinki is a hot tip!) 
12. Having mom do my hair and putting in some dark highlights
13. Finding some cute stuff at the flea market & at the Book Cafés free-stuff shelf.
14. My new shampoo from Vegekauppa (it’s by the brand Sante naturkosmetik and they have the best smelling products <3. Sante only has cruelty-free stuff so go check it out!!)

Hopefully there won’t be another blogging break this long because I always want to be able to look back and see what’s been going on in my life (best thing about having a blog when too lazy to write in a diary!). I’m going for a quick evening walk to get some fresh air and then off to bed, nightnight!

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