Sunday, February 5, 2017

Fave tortes

Today me and my mom baked Runebergs tårtor (or Runeberg tortes in english). I haven’t eaten these amazing tasting baked goods since going vegan which is 3,5 years ago. Since it’s Runeberg’s day tomorrow here in Finland, I thought it'd be nice to be a little festive and bake them.

I also thought that just this time I would make the original recipe which has eggs and dairy, because I figured they can’t be made vegan anyway, so I didn’t bother to look up a cruelty-free recipe. I mean who cares if baby chicks get killed, or calf’s get separated from their mom? Okay ha-ha of course I’m kidding.. Nowadays it’s ridiculously easy to just google vegan recipes and make all the things you love without having to miss out on anything. There are still so many people wondering if I miss eating foods with animal products and honestly..

My point is that you don’t have to harm any animals in order to eat amazing food but unless you’re new to my blog you would probably know that by now.. Anways, this is how our beautiful tortes turned out (wow I just realized how much I dislike the word torte): 

It’s just such a ridiculous thought that veganized food can taste exactly the same, yet people keep making the original recipes with animal products when it’s completely unnecessary. Imagine how many animals wouldn’t have to suffer if everyone was interested and open, did a little bit of their own research and made their daily choices based on their true values. I’m convinced that the world would be at least a teeny-tiny bit more of a happier place for us all. 

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