Thursday, March 23, 2017

I really do

Sorry for the silencio here in my bloggy.. I don’t like getting into these periods when I don’t feel inspired to write anything and especially now that I feel like I’m running out of time to update. I always react when people say “I don’t have time” because most of the time it’s not true at all, I think it’s a matter of prioritising. I guess I’ve felt quite drained of energy to do anything else besides school stuff, working out and watching HBO & Netflix.. I’m actually proud of myself for having seen so many movies and series this year haha. I’ve seen all the seasons of Girls, Westworld, the latest season of Orange Is The New Black & Modern Family, some Black Mirror episodes etc... It’s weirdly satisfying seeing my “movies & series to watch”- list getting shorter. Anyway, I’m also still working on my bachelor’s thesis, I’m writing about speciesism which is super interesting but I’m also starting to feel pretty done with school..*just a few months left now!* 


  1. Åh va coolt att du skriver om speciesism! Jätteintressant säkert!

    1. jooo de e mega intressant!! så glad att ja valde ett huvudämne vart ja kunde inkludera djur hihi :P