Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Last weekend I was in Helsinki for my brothers' soon to be wife Vicky’s bachelorette partyyyy. We surprised her with a brunch and then went on to do thai boxing which was so much fun. Vicky fought our trainer in the end and it was hilarious, she litterally kicked ass. Afterwords we did funny missions out on the town, and then went to a hotel to have a long sauna sesh and after Vicky got her make up done. We had dinner at the hotel (falafelburger & fries for me, yum) and V had to complete some more missions. Then we checked in to one of the suites where we danced for a few hours before we took the cab to a karaoke bar where we danced some more and sung Everybody by Backstreet Boys. We all had such a fun day and Vicky seemed so grateful and happy, can’t wait for the wedding 
On Sunday we went for brunch to Sandro with the fam, one of my favorite places to eat ever. All in all it was a really good weekend, I even got to see Soffe on Friday over some pizza and chili fries in Chili’s Restaurant in Mankkaa, can’t believe I’d never been there before... Anyway, I've been slacking off pretty much lately because my inspiration is super low but I’m gonna get stuff done today, talk to you guys later, hope you have a fabulous Wednesday!  

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