Friday, May 19, 2017

London pics

Heey guys, here’s a little update of my London trip:

Thursday: We went to Camden to see some bands play from V’s school. There was a nice big terrace (and live music outside too) so we had some drinks outside in the SUN which felt so good. After a while we went for falafel and then to Brewdog for some special beers & boardgames with Dennis and his gf. No pics from this day unfortunately.

Friday: We were tourists at the bus (loove riding the bus in London rather than the tube), shopped at Whole Foods and in the evening we had a cute date night. We had dinner at Fed By Water in Dalston and both tried their pasta dishes which were top notch.

 The food there is SO pretty and YUMMY. As a starter I had the raw cheezy balls (omg) and V had a lovely bruschetta. 

I had the “carbonara” with soy cream with crispy seitan chunks and smoked tofu pasta

 ... and V had porcini mushroom tagliatelle. Mmmmmh.

I totally fell in love with the place. Then we had a bottle of wine and rushed (amazing race style) to Sheraton Hotel because we were going on a spontaneous Magic Show (The Magic Hour) which was so much fun!! We were both so impressed. I recommend you go see magician Tony Middleton he was so good and entertaining! 

On Saturday we went to the Vegan Summer Festival and they served so much delicious stuff so it was really hard to decide on what to get, but I eventually decided on...  

 Jake’s seitan burger and....

& a big piece of creamy pomegranate-pistachio cake. Besides this, they let you sample a lot of stuff such as cookies, brownies, chocolates, juices, cakes and so on. 

In the evening we had tortilla/Eurovision/game night which was a lot of fun. The guys’ terrace is so cozy in the evening with the mood lights. 

On Sunday V had band practise so I walked around in Shoreditch, visited the Spitalfields City Farm which is a MUST every time I’m in London. They have all kinds of rescue animals and I love the calm over there. After my little alone-time in Shoreditch we went for a glass of wine and sat in the sun for a bit. Then we had a little pre-celebration for V’s birthday where we dressed up and went to have tapas and wine (Badalisc<3) in Soho.
 Cauliflower & chickpea fritters, mix of olives & beetroot carpaccio. 

The next day (Monday) was Vicke’s birthdaaay! 
How adorable?? (I stole the pic from his mom’s facebook hehe)

We went for breakfast bagels and coffee to Subtitles Café. 
They had two vegan options but I went for an avo-marinated tofu one with onion chutney...

 ...and a pretty oat-milk chai latte.

Then we continued to Camden and Cookies And Scream and shared a warm brownie and a salted caramel freakshake. 
So gooood. I flew home that same afternoon and that was pretty much my little trip!

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