Friday, June 9, 2017


My brother got married the 27th of May and it was the most perfect day ever. Just looking at this picture makes me wanna bawl my eyes out all over again.

I stole this pic from Vicky’s (aka my beautiful sister-in-law’s) facebook. Hello lovebirds

 I stayed in the city for about 5 days around that time and me and V did a lot of fun stuff such as attend family dinners, hang out with Iris & film her (we’re making Iris The Movie) and we also had our very first "summer’s officially here ice creams". Other exciting news is that in the bus on my way home, I read my emails and found out that I got a super good grade on my bachelor’s thesis AND a few days after that it was confirmed that I’d completed all my courses and I can now call myself a bachelor of social science (not quite sure if that’s the term in english though). Can you even imagine my relief and happiness after busting my ass off and feeling like poop the whole fall and spring? I don’t even think it has sunk in yet.. seriously GO ME!!!!

Anyway, tomorrow, I’m going to Tallinn with my roomie Chobster and MIXU who I haven’t seen in about a year (??) because she lives in Sweden. God I’ve missed her. Hopefully the weather will be good too, I couldn’t possibly ask for more than a sunny/warm terrace, a cool glass of wine in my hand and my girls by my side.

 In other news; I’ve started working two different jobs which is great! I’m gonna be working the whole summer but I’m definitely gonna make room for lots of other stuff too. I refuse to go all year waiting for these summer months just to let them pass unnoticed. Also, I’m really gonna try to keep blogging more regularly, I’m not feeling the breaks that I’ve been having lately. Have a great weekend, talk to you soon! 

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