Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Date night at Gaijin

On Saturday night, me and bf had a date night at Gaijin in Helsinki. We had emailed in advance and checked if they would do a vegan tasting menu for me and they sure did. I got 8 dishes while my bf got 10 but that was all forgiven after the food started rolling in and after we rolled out of the restaurant after we were done.

 My seasonal rhubarb drink aka “Suck My Garden” tasted like sour candy My bf had the Herushinki cocktail which was super refreshing. 

 This bun dish was probably my favorite of them all, can’t quite remember what it was though...

 Another plus was that they were very generous with bringing out more Gohan japanese rice which was meant to be shared. 

OI can promise you that you won’t get disappointed if you go here as a vegan foodie or if you’re just interested in trying some delicious North Asian veggie dishes. 

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