Sunday, July 16, 2017

this past month

Besides from working, I’ve been chilling at our summer house and celebrated my graduation with the fambam. Midsummer was spent in Hanko and I also went to the regatta for 22 hours because of work, haha desperate much... 
 Evening pre-sauna guitar sesh

 Iris sure loves to swim after sticks

the three best friends that anybody could have 

 I love that Iris loves being out at our summerhouse

ping-pong champion & bf :)

 monkey business 

Today we went for lunch to Via Tribunali which is a new pizza place in the city that serves authentic Neapolitan pizza. Their marinara pizza is vegan (apparently traditional Neapolitan pizza’s are made without cheese?! read that somewhere, correct me if I’m wrong)
...and holy moly it was one of the best pizza’s I’ve ever had. It was so rich in flavour, even the crust was top notch. Right now we’re chilling in the sofa with Iris at our feet. We’re gonna make dinner and then watch a horror movie and eat ice cream. I bought three different tubs, two of which I haven’t tried out yet. The excitement is real. If I have any readers left after this one month absence, I wish you a super cozy Sunday night! 

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